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Best Friends Club – every Thursday!

Make sure to check out the show this week and every week! Join the group, join the party! We’re all in this together.

Staying Home With GTG Records – Part 4!

The Hunky Newcomers – Time To Die / Let’s Smoke Cigarettes

Jake Weston (Silktail) – Luminary

Jeremy Porter – Murielle

Johnny Unicorn and Naomi Adele Smith – Break Away

Gumsmack – The Tourist / Nothing

Sleeping Timmy and Doctor Dan – You And Your Sister

Michael Boyes and Jessi Doepker – Love Hurts

When Particles Collide – Somebody

Playing Dead – Stay Home (Pandemic Song)

Ouch, My Shoe – Ouch!

The Hat Madder Winterish Tour 2016!


The Hat Madder are going on tour, starting today (!), joining the fantastic Maine rock and roll duo When Particles Collide for a run of east coast and midwest shows. In addition to prime cuts from their catalog, GTG’s resident trash can glam quintet – songwriter/ wizard Isaac Vander Schuur, longtime associates Chris Baritono, Nick Merz, John Miller, and newcomer Jared Talcott – are also previewing a bunch of fantastic new tunes from their forthcoming record. If they’re not coming through your town, or even if they are and you need more of a fix, we’ll also be posting the first GTG Sessions episode of 2016 this coming Monday, March 7th, featuring the current lineup tearing through some of this exciting new material. Dates posted below, and check out an early mix of the new Hat Madder song “Cloud 9” while you’re at it!

What Particles Matter Tour 2016:

3/4 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howlers w/ Action Camp, Park Plan
3/5 Trenton, NJ @ Mill Hill Basement w/ The Dewtons, Honah Lee, Too Far Gone *
3/6 Morgantown, WV @ 123 Pleasant Street w/ Jet Set Vapor Trails, What’s Missing *
3/8 Canton, OH @ Buzzbin w/ Johnny Niemann *
3/9 Kent, OH @ Stone Tavern w/ Pocket Vinyl, Deep Holler
3/10 Hamilton, OH @ Tapout Sports Bar 3/10 Hamilton, OH @ Tapout Sports Bar w/ Mad Anthony, Rhythm & Booze *
3/11 Lexington, KY @ Green Lantern w/ Mad Anthony *
3/12 Newport, KY @ Southgate House Revival w/ Mad Anthony *
3/13 Milwaukee, WI @ Frank’s Power Plant w/ Monotaur *
3/15 Ypsilanti, MI @ Crossroads *
3/16 Saginaw, MI @ Counter Culture w/ The Mongrels, SixGunn El Dorado *
3/17 Lansing, MI @ The Avenue w/ Red Teeth, Ian Graham *
3/18 Toronto, ON @ Cherry Cola’s w/ The Shanks *
3/19 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place w/ Me N You, Soul Butchers, Slow Mutants
3/20 Mono, ON @ The Tractor Shop w/The Shanks

GTG Shows This Fall!

Post-GTG Fest blues? We gotcha covered.


Also, The Plurettes will be performing at Elk Brewing in Grand Rapids on November 5th. Out east, Honah Lee will be performing at Roxy and Duke’s in Dunellen, NJ alongside a screaming of the future slasher classic “Sodomaniac” on October 29th.

GTG076: Bermuda Snohawk 2014!!


Free download! The annual soundtrack (the 9th annual!!) to the holidays from your friends at GTG and Bermuda Mohawk! Features exclusive new jams from Honah Lee, The Plurals, Cavalcade, Lovey Dovey, Geistlos, Barren Marys, Hunky Newcomers, Sleeping Timmy, and Bluffing the Ghosts, as well as one-off future holiday standards from studio projects Neon Tuesday, Blackhole Fun, Dem Owl House Boys, Iron Christmas and more!! Free download at the BMP bandcamp!! You’re welcome!!

GTG075: The Plurals – “Chazzwazzers” / OUT TODAY

The Plurals just got home from an east coast tour with Honah Lee (that went amazing, thank you so much to everyone involved!) and after a year of tours of damn near every corner of the country (minus the northwest, we’re coming back soon, we promise!), a new 7-inch, music video releases, and the completion of a new full-length (out spring 2015!) you’d think that they’d be done for the year and would rest up for the winter before hitting everything hard next year… but your short-sighted ass would be wrong!! Sorry, that was a little judgemental and short-sighted itself… I… I really need to work on some of these anger management issues. But we’re just excited that The Plurals are following in the steps of our greatest inspirations like Bonnet and the boys in You-Hoo and that B. Yancey lady (though, on a serious editorial note, Smashing Pumpkins did the surprise internet release thing back in 2000 so let’s not give anyone too much credit here) and are releasing a brand new EP today that no one even knew they were recording! Chazzwazzers features 6 brand new recordings and was recorded (for the most part) really quickly over the course of a handful of sessions in October and November of this year. You can download it for free or donation over at bandcamp. Limited physical copies will be available at Plurals and related bands’ Lansing shows this month.

The songs on Chazzwazzers are mostly acoustic-guitar driven but aren’t totally stripped down either. When it became apparent that the new Plurals full-length wouldn’t be out until springtime of 2015 we didn’t want to let the gap between releases be too long and since the album had been recorded over an extended period of time we wanted to just bust something out really quick to put a shot of energy into the Plurals discography. The idea of having acoustic guitar drive the songs was thrown out to try something different so ultimately we recorded three brand new songs (“Coke Daddy,” “Something About Overthinking,” and “Colorado Sun”) that were essentially finished during the recording process as well as two acoustic-based versions of songs (“Facebook” and “Prolly Knot”) that will be on the new album. To round things out (and to completely derail the idea of an “acoustic EP”) we finished off a song called “Ori” (a tribute to a beloved GTG dog of the same name) that we recorded instrumental tracks for in 2012 but never finished after we decided it wouldn’t go on our next album. So, in many ways it’s a companion piece to our next released album as well as a look at some new material done in a way that we don’t normally work. We like it and hope you do too… download away, share with your friends, etc. xoxo

Honah Lee / Plurals 2014 Tour Dates!


It’s time for the latest edition of the happening-every-now-and-then-since-2010 Honah Lee and The Plurals tour! Honah Lee (fresh off their latest, and final, music video release of 2014 with a pummeling new version of their anthem “Sobered, So Bored”) will be heading west starting November 13th in Pittsburgh (at Gooski’s), hitting up Dayton (Hole in the Wall on the 14th), Indianapolis (Melody Inn on the 15th), and Chicago (Cobra Lounge on the 16th) before joining up with The Plurals in Lansing on November 17th, when we’ll all be playing at The Mystery Garage with The Hat Madder. From there, we’re doing this:

11/19 @ Shakespeare’s Pub (Kalamazoo, MI)
11/20 @ Fickle (Cincinnati, OH)
11/21 @ The Green Lantern (Lexington, KY)
11/22 @ 123 Pleasant St (Morgantown, WV)
11/23 @ The Pinch (Washington, DC)
11/24 @ Kung Fu Necktie (Philadelphia, PA)
11/26 @ Milll Hill Basement (Trenton, NJ)
11/28 @ The Gutter (Brooklyn, NY)
11/29 @ Blind Bob’s (Dayton, OH) PLURALS ONLY

The Plurals are also hoping to do a one-off in north Jersey on 11/25… hit us up at mcflybooking at gmail dot com if you have a lead. Maybe we’ll just hang out in Joe The Bee’s basement. Anyway, of course we always want people to come to all shows but these shows are, more than most, guaranteed to be a real rowdy rock and roll ruckus of a, uh, time. The Plurals and Honah Lee are friends just as much or more than we are musical colleagues so when we end up doing a cluster of dates together we constantly push each other to do outrageous things which is often to the benefit of the audience, or it just becomes a nonsensical in-joke. Regardless of the outcome, there will be a very positive and fun atmosphere around these shows – and that Thanksgiving Eve show in Trenton on the 26th will also double as Honah Lee’s release party for the DVD of all of the music videos they’ve been releasing this year. So yeah… good times, guaranteed. Is that what GTG stands for? Okay. See you on the road!

GTG Fest 2014: THANKS


GTG Fest 2014 was a huge success. Thank you so much to everyone that came out, The Avenue Cafe, the Mystery Garage, and our lovely sponsors at Golden Harvest, Schuler Books, Record Lounge, Harrison Roadhouse, Papercuts Handmade, Foods For Living… yeah. Let’s do it again!

GTG Fest Media Blitz


A couple of great media features spotlighting this weekend’s GTG Fest 2014 have come out this week.

Click here to check out a feature on the label written by Rich Tupica for City Pulse

Click here for an interview with Tommy Plural by Anne Erickson for the Lansing State Journal.

GTG Fest is this weekend, October 18 and 19! Full schedule below!

SATURDAY 10/18 @ The Avenue Cafe:

7:00-7:15 Geistlos
7:15-7:45 Lights Out
7:45-8:00 Miski Dee (from City Mouse)
8:00-8:30 Real Ghosts
8:30-8:45 Mad Moon (Jessi Spreitzer Band)
8:45-9:15 Frank and Earnest
9:15-9:30 Mad Moon (Jessi Spreitzer Band)
9:30-10:00 The Fiction Junkies
10:15-10:45 Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine
10:45-11:00 Cat Midway
11:00-11:30 Inflatable Best Friend
11:30-11:45 Cat Midway
11:45-12:15 Red Teeth
12:30-1:00 The Plurals

SUNDAY 10/19 @ The Mystery Garage

3:00 middleman/ Drinking Mercury
3:30 Lovey Dovey
4:15 Mudwest
5:00 So Long Naota
5:45 Summerpunx
6:30 Distorted Waltz
7:15 The Break-Ups
8:00 Stereo Artifacts
8:45 Narc Out the Reds
9:30 Couches
10:15 The Hunky Newcomers
10:45 The Hat Madder

GTG Fest 2014 is October 18 and 19 / and a recap


GTG Fest 2014 is October 18th at the Avenue Cafe and October 19th at the Mystery Garage. We’re still announcing some of the lineup but you can definitely plan on seeing The Plurals, Red Teeth, Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine (first show in over 6 years!), The Fiction Junkies, Frank and Earnest, Inflatable Best Friend, Real Ghosts, Cat Midway, Mad Moon (Jessi Spreitzer), Miski Dee, and Lights Out on the 18th and The Hat Madder, Couches, The Hunky Newcomers, Narc Out the Reds, So Long Naota, Stereo Artifacts, The Distorted Waltz, Summerpunx, Lovey Dovey, The Break-Ups (first show in 3+ years!), and Mudwest on the 19th. That’s… a lot. It’s going to be very, very rad… dangerously so. Tune in to 88.9 the Impact at 8 PM on October 16th to hear a bunch of us talk about it and play some of the bands if you crave a last/lost minute preview fix. There will be a raffle and games and food and all sorts of junk, so if you want to stand around and feel part of the scene but secretly hate music you should still have a good time.


2014 has been awesome! New releases by Hunky Newcomers, The Plurals, Black Sparrow Press, Cave Needles, and Frank and Earnest already down with upcoming stuff by The Fiction Junkies (debut EP to be available at GTG Fest!), The Break-Ups, and Narc Out the Reds still to come! Lots of touring has happened, with Honah Lee and The Plurals doing a midwest/ east coast jaunt together in November. We’re cracking that visual medium too, both on our GTGRecordsTV youtube channel and with the ridiculous amount of videos (10 down with 2 more to go!) that Honah Lee have been dropping every month. So I’m going to leave you with the video for “Hey Angel,” just released by Honah Lee today. Hell of a year, and 2015 just might kill all of us!