The Plurals


New album SWISH OUT NOW!!


The Plurals are a Lansing, MI-based band whose members – Hattie on drums, Nich on bass, and Tommy on guitar – equally share vocal and songwriting duties. They first started playing noisy punk stuff together in high school and after awhile founded the DIY record label GTG Records, releasing the first Plurals album in 2008. The Plurals started touring nationally in 2011 and have self-booked tours of the entire continental United States at least twice a year since, bringing their spin on fuzzy, punk-influenced rock and roll to just about every dive bar and DIY space along the way.

swish cd front

Swish, the fourth Plurals album, hit the streets on 9/1/2017. This album was recorded in the middle of our spring 2016 tour, busted out live in two marathon sessions a la Zen Arcade or Please Please Me and many other great records we swear we’re not comparing ourselves to, at OmniSound Studios in Nashville with our old friend Rory Rositas at the board. The Midwestern fuzz-pop we’ve obsessively made is still intact, with bigger, tighter arrangements and production than we’ve done in the past. It’s a slum-dunk ya clown!



“This is the sort of straight-up no-bullshit punked-out rock’n’roll noise that eschews needless fancy schamcy pretense and instead goes right for the jugular with rip-snorting fury and abandon. Accolades don’t come much better than that.” – Jersey Beat

“Certain artists pull you in. Hearing them makes you say “I could do that. I should do that!” The Ramones. The Minutemen. The Plurals belong in this company. Seeing them live is revelatory. They’re one of the few groups today whose influences aren’t merely contemporary, yet they don’t fall into some retro trap either. They simply play rock music, styles and conventions and trends be damned.” – Razorcake

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Full-length albums:
SWISH (GTG) released 9/2017
An Onion Tied To My Belt (GTG /Infintesmal/Diet Pop Records) released 7/2015
The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective (GTG/BMP) released 5/2011
Whatevers Forever (GTG/BMP) released 8/2008

EPs and full discography here, it’s long!



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