Free downloads! Zipped folders with artwork, mp3s, and liner notes.

The Hunky Newcomers “Hard Dude Stuff”
2011 Demo/EP, most prominently featured over the house PA in between sets at Mac’s Bar.
Click here for Download.

Gates of Steel “Discography”
Compilation songs and previously unreleased studio recordings (circa 2009) by defunct Lansing hardcore band Gates of Steel. Featuring members of Frank and Earnest, American Gothic, Genocya, Fisherking, Shoelace, Battle Scars, etc.
Click here for Download.

The Plurals “Professor Nanners”
2007 debut EP by The Plurals, plus bonus compilation song.
Click here for Download.

The Plurals “Close Your Eyes and Floor It”
2008 live recording of The Plurals, largely featuring “old” songs not available anywhere else.
Click here for Download.

Drinking Mercury “Way”
2006 EP by Drinking Mercury plus bonus compilation song and 3 previously unreleased demos.
Click here for Download.

The Knights Without “Putting A Positive Spin on a Train Wreck”
2008 album by defunct Michigan pop/rock band, featuring members of the Hunky Newcomers, The Break-Ups, Drinking Mercury, Plurals, etc.
Click here for Download.

My Apology “Until Further Notice(?)”
Live recording from the band’s final show in 2010.
Click here for Download.

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