What is Best Friends Club?

Best Friends Club is a live-streaming D.I.Y. show space.

The idea came to fruition in an effort to advocate “live entertainment”in an intimate and engaging manner, screen to screen, during the COVID-19 shut down.

Best Friends Club is intended to be recognized as a live venue that resides online. If you don’t catch it live, as it happens, you miss out!

BFC started as a group on facebook (that you can still join) and evolved to include a public page and the completely independent, higher-resolution

Since July 2020 Best Friends Club has hosted live performances by a variety of musicians from all across the US, including Joe Jack Talcum (Dead Milkmen), Jonah Matranga, Mikey Erg, Kepi Ghouli, The Cryptkeeper Five, Coma Twins, When Particles Collide, and many GTG acts like Honah Lee, Erotic Novels, Jeremy Porter, The Plurals, The Hunky Newcomers, The Wild Honey Collective (a project that debuted on BFC!), and the whole livestreamed 2020 GTG Fest.