Drinking Mercury



Deciding that starting a band would probably be pretty fun, naively hopeful youths Tommy McCord (guitar) and Kevin Adams (drums) started the band Drinking Mercury in the summer of 2000. After initial performances as both a duo and a quickly revolving door of others, Michael Boyes (guitar) joined forces with Tommy and Kevin in the spring of 2002. The three spent the next five years performing their vision of dreary alternative rock, swapping vocal, instrumental, and songwriting roles between them and alternately being very active and very inactive. With Michael pursuing a new songwriting direction in 2008, they settled into more defined instrumental roles and added longtime friend and supporter Timmy Rodriguez on bass guitar and vocals. Drinking Mercury continue to perform their brand of dreamy indie rock, with their long-awaited full-length album Orcades arriving in 2011.

“Barely Strung” from Orcades

“Pretend We’re Unique” from Orcades

Reverb Nation site
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(In Print)
Orcades (GTG) full-length CD, released 9/2011
Words (GTG) 6 song EP/CD, released 1/2011

(Out of Print)
Way (GTG) EP/CD, released 5/2006
The Virgin EP self-released debut EP/CD, released 1/2004

It’s Fine. (GTG) features demo version of “Delightfully Lonely”
3-Way Singles Club Volume 12 (ITAV) features exclusive song “Green Eyes”
Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing (GTG/ LMTV) features cover of “Did You Get What You Came For?” by Calliope
Bermuda Snowhawk 2011 (BMP/ GTG) features exclusive cover of “Blue Christmas”
Explosions: Lansing Salutes Devo (GTG) features cover of “Beautiful World” by Devo
Situations at Hand (GTG) features early (2007) version of “Flows”


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