GTG Sessions

GTG Sessions is a web series that launched in January 2015; each video features a 15 minute live-in-the-studio session of a different band performing at GTG House. This series was conceived by Timmy Rodriguez who also directs and edits the videos.

Episode 14: Jeremy Porter & The Tucos

Episode 13: Smashing Blumkins

Episode 12: Little American Champ

Episode 11: The Hat Madder

Episode 10: Honah Lee

Episode 9: Logan & Lucille

Episode 8: Nato Coles & the Blue Diamond Band

Episode 7: The Plurals

Episode 6: Croatone

Episode 5: The Hunky Newcomers

Episode 4: The Devil’s Cut

Episode 3: Isaac Vander Schuur

Episode 2: Frank and Earnest

Episode 1: The Fiction Junkies

Other GTG Media

The official GTG Records Youtube channel. Featuring live videos, promo clips, goofy snippets, and complete songs by GTG bands and friends.

Too Many People

Ongoing podcast by Sleeping Timmy featuring music, discussions on various media, rants, interviews, and more!

2013 Podcast hosted by Josh David and Tommy Plural featuring songs, interviews, bickering, etc.

No Waves
2013 Music podcast hosted by LA native and then-Michigan transplant Sabina Couturier, featuring eclectic underground music, interviews, and live performances.

Independent Thought Alarm
Print zine edited by Plurals members featuring a wide range of topics and contributions from lots of cool folks.

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