The Hunky Newcomers

Hunky NewcomersBand Biography

Where they’re going they don’t need a band biography.
Because they’re going to jail. And in jail it doesn’t matter who you are on the outside.

Audio: (right click and “save as” to download)
UFOs” from Secret of the Booze

Time to Die” from Secret of the Booze

“The members of The Hunky Newcomers are unrepentant Lansing dirtbags and it shows all over their first disc, Hard Dude Stuff.  These dudes are just honest about their complete lack of aspirations and that’s mighty refreshing in this day and age. The music itself is a glorious mishmash of Replacements-isms, Chuck Berry-style lead guitar and Ramones rip-offs. So in a word: Perfection. They’re sloppy, wild, out of control and most likely did not record in any state approaching sobriety. Check out the Hunky Newcomers pronto, before they sober up and write a concept record or some other stupid rock ‘n’ roll move. They’ll probably give you a copy of this CD in exchange for a beer, so what do you have to lose?” – Revue Mid-Michigan



Harder Dude Stuff (GTG) live album, released 1/2017
Penis Time EP, released 6/2014
Secret of the Booze (BMP/ GTG) LP, released 2/2014
Hunky Newcovers cover versions CD-R, released 6/2013
Hard Dude Stuff (GTG) Demo/ CD, released 6/2011 (download here.)


Bermuda Snohawk 2020 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Mandatory Mattalica” (2020)
Bermuda Snohawk 2019 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “(Hunky Newcomers) Christmas Party” (2019)
Bermuda Snohawk 2018 features exclusive cover of “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett (2018)
Bermuda Snohawk 2017 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “I Like Parades” (2017)
GTG100 (GTG) features exclusive song “Danyell”
He Just Wrote Them Like That (GTG) features cover of “Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison (2017)
Bermuda Snohawk 2016 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Spendin’ Christmas Doin’ Time” (2016)
Bermuda Snohawk 2015 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Christmas Blackout” (2015)
Time to Val Kilmer (GTG) features “Let’s Get Stinko” (2015)
Bermuda Snohawk 2014 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “My War (On Christmas)” (2014)
Bermuda Snohawk 2013 (BMP/GTG) features cover of “Holiday Road” by Lindsey Buckingham (2013)
It’s Fine. (GTG) features cover of “Get Ready” by the Temptations (2013)
No F@%king Egos, This Is Lansing Volume III: The Wrath of Chaka Khan (Silver Maple Kill Records) features exclusive version of “UFOs Over Lake Michigan” (2013)
Bermuda Snowhawk 2012 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Hunkcracker Suite” (2012)
Bermuda Snowhawk 2011 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Rx-mas” (2011)
3-Way Split Single Vol. 7 (ITAV) features exclusive version of “Bitchin’ Summer” (2011)

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