Plurals Discography

Plurals Discography

In addition to GTG Records we have proudly worked with many other labels including Infintesmal Records, Diet Pop Records, Dirt Cult Records, Minor Bird Records, Something Dancey, Rocket Punch Records, Bermuda Mohawk Productions, Silver Maple Kill Records, Big Gig Productions, and It Takes A Village to Make Records.

swish cd front
Swish (GTG) LP/CD. Released 9/2017.


An Onion Tied To My Belt (GTG/ Diet Pop/ Infintesmal) LP/CD. Released 7/2015

Futurospective copy

The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective (GTG/ BMP) Full-length CD, Released 5/2011


Whatevers Forever (GTG/ Bermuda Mohawk) Full-length CD, Released 8/2008

Digital/ EPs/ Miscellanous:
Stumblebee (GTG) BEES volume 3, Released 6/2020
Bzz: Live At The Robin Theatre (GTG) Limited Edition Live CD, Released 5/2020
Grumblebee (GTG) BEES volume 2, Released 12/2019
Mumblebee (GTG) BEES volume 1, Released 5/2010
St. Anger Demos/Outtakes Collection Exclusive for Onion pre-orders, Released 7/2015
Chazzwazzers (GTG) Digital EP, Released 12/2014
Plurals Summer 2014 Limited Run CD/EP of 4 Onion early mixes/alternate takes, Released 6/2014
The Plurals & Black Sparrow Press (GTG/ Something Dancey/ Minor Bird Records) Split 7-inch, Released 2/2014 (digital), 4/2014 (vinyl)
Hey! Jude? Summer 2013 Tour Exclusive CD (consisting of BSP split and early Onion mixes)
Hoh Help Limited run benefit CD feat. covers, released 2/2012
Funemployment (GTG) Split 7-inch with Frank and Earnest, Released 6/2011
Ride The Lightning Demos/Outtakes Collection Exclusive for Futurospective pre-orders, Released 5/2011
Lick-It EP Split (GTG) Split EP/CD w/ Honah Lee, Released 4/2010
Austin Gump (GTG/Big Gig) Cassette/EP, Released 12/2010
Close Your Eyes and Floor It (GTG) Live CD, Released 10/2009 (Free download here)
The Broadside Sessions (GTG) EP/CD, Released 7/2009
Professor Nanners (GTG) EP/CD, Released 3/2007 (Free download here)


All Good Kids – A Tribute To GBV (Phonophore) features exclusive cover of “It’s Like Soul Man” by Guided By Voices (2022)
Bermuda Snohawk 2021 (BMP) features exclusive cover of “Snowfall” by Michael Nesmith (2021)
This Must Be The Place (GTG) features cover of “I Can’t Explain” by The Who (2021)
A Benefit For Mac’s Bar (BMP/GTG) features “Sonic Something” (2021)
Bermuda Snohawk 2020 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Life Line”
Bermuda Snohawk 2019 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Snowed In”
No F@%king Egos, This Is Lansing Volume 5: The Revengening (Silver Maple Kill) features exclusive song “Quiet Weather” (2019)
Bermuda Snohawk 2018 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive cover of “If We Make It Through December” by Merle Haggard
Vantastic Voyage (Rocket Punch Records) features exclusive song “Kerry Patey” (2018)
Bermuda Snohawk 2017
(GTG/BMP) features exclusive song “Spring Break Christmas”
GTG100 (GTG) features exclusive song “Burnt Side of The Spoon” (2017)
Solidarity Mixtape 2 (Trophy Lungs) features “Greg Ginn” (2017)
RIP Grant Hart features two Husker Du Covers (2017)
He Just Wrote Them Like That: A Tribute To George Harrison (GTG/FMG) features exclusive cover of “What Is Life” (2017)
Bermuda Snohawk 2016(GTG/BMP) features exclusive cover of  “I Can’t Believe It’s Christmas” by Johnny Unicorn
Bermuda Snohawk 2015 (GTG/BMP) features exclusive song “Ask Nich?”
March Madness Single # 9 (Infintesmal Records) features “Marigold” and “Wonderful Way” (2015)
Todd Is My Co-Pilot (Dirt Cult Records) features cover of “You’ll Hear My Voice” by Stoned at Heart (2015)
Bermuda Snohawk 2014(BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Winter Break”
Solidarity Mixtape 1 (Trophy Lungs) features early mix of “Poseurs” (2014)
Bermuda Snohawk 2013 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “January Thaw”
It’s Fine (GTG) features early mix of “Shrug” (2013)
No F@%king Egos, This Is Lansing Volume III: The Wrath of Chaka Khan (Silver Maple Kill) features new version of “I May Not Be A Smart Man” (2013)
Bermuda Snohawk 2012 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive cover of “Merry Christmas, Baby” by The Beach Boys
Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing (GTG/ LMTV) features cover of “The Crawl” by Flatfoot (2012)
Bermuda Snowhawk 2011 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Wonderful Way”
3-Way Singles Club, Volume 4 (ITAV) split single w/ Cavalcade and Terminal Girls, features exclusive song “Neon Life” (2011)
The Metaphorical Steven (GTG) features “Crush” (2011)
Bermuda Snowhawk 2010 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “12/15/2010″
Explosions: Lansing Salutes Devo (GTG) features “Gut Feeling/ Slap Your Mammy” (2010)
No F@%king Egos, This Is Lansing Volume 1 (Silver Maple Kill) features “New Age” (2010)
BMP 2010 Sampler: BMP5 is Alive! Nifty at 50…releases (BMP) features “Queensy”
Bermuda Snowhawk 2009 (BMP/GTG) features early version of “Conifer Oberst”
BMP 2009 Sampler – Four Score and Four Shitty Label Compilations Ago (BMP) features “The Sun”
Bermuda Snowhawk 2008 (BMP/GTG) features exclusive song “Yuletide Merchandise”
BMP 2008 Sampler – Three Thousand Years of Beautiful Tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax (BMP) features “FTS”
Situations at Hand (GTG) features exclusive song “Angel Wallabees”
Bermuda Snowhawk 2007 (BMP) features exclusive song “Angels Surf on X-Treme Highs”
BMP 2007 Sampler (BMP) features “Quiche”
Bermuda Snowhawk 2006 (BMP) features exclusive song “X-Treme X-mas”

Early “Formative” Non-Canon Demo Releases:
The Stopgap EP Semi-decent handmade 5 song Demo/CD, Released 1/2006
A Very Live Thing Mediocre download-only live recording, Released 10/2005
A Very Good Thing Kinda crappy handmade 11 song Demo/CD, Released 8/2005
The Plurals Have A Pool Party “Hey, we recorded ourselves at practice!” handmade 4 song Demo/CD, Released 9/2004

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