Uh, oh!

Happy Holidays. (Hope that secular statement doesn’t get me in trouble with Paul Dubya… listen to the comp and you’ll follow me). It’s here, GTG057, Bermuda Snowhawk 2011. Download it for free here. Below is a tracklist along with notes by Cale BMP, graciously and unassumingly lifted from the BMP website.

1. Hunky Newcomers – Rx-mas (Lansing’s new favorite PUNX, batting lead off this year)
2. Failures’ Union – X-mas in Hollis (Buffalo, NY, ex-Lemuria, covering RUN DMC)
3. Regretters – New Year’s Reprieve (Craig & Cale of Cavalcade/tCF doing acoustic songs w/ Frankie of The Break Ups)
4. Neganance – Snow Zong (grindy Red Teeth/Bert side project)
5. The Plurals – Wonderful Way (a creepy moody song with Hattie singing)
6. Paul Dubya and the Oak River Bridge Boys Band – We Still Say “Christmas” ‘Round Here (Frank & Earnest’s Modern Country Music Alter-Ego)
7. Stargrazer – Christmas Aftermath (Peter Richards bein’ atmospheric)
8. Wanton Disregard – Straight Edge Holidays (Bebee & Horky of American Gothic/tCF make a sXe Xmas song)
9. Drinking Mercury – Blue Christmas (a fairly straightforward cover of the classic song)
10. Geistlos – Mixed Feelings / Silver Bells (Nick Merz of The Jackpine Snag & Hat Madder solo…didn’t know he could sing!)
11. Iron Christmas – I Need a Ride (Mike Boyes, Josh David, Pudvay etc. per Tommy: a stupid cock rock song with too many layers of guitar)
12. middleman – Free Jack (Mike Boyes)
13. Them Owl House Boys – Hard in the Sleigh (Jake Rad, Scotty & Cale of tCF rapping over Waka Flocka’s ‘Hard in The Paint’)
14. Rockaway Beach Boys – Little St. Nick (GTG all-star Beach Boys cover in the style of The Ramones)
15. Dozic – cHEXmas (extreme tourettes metal incorporating Carol of the Bells as well the Dradle Song)
16. Sleeping Timmy – Maybe This Christmas (Timmy of the Break-Ups solo)
17. Cabin Fever – Facebook (Nich of The Plurals catterwauling over psychedelic noise tracks about pop culture)
18. Champions of Tortured Wang – The Silent Night, Deadly Night Movies Suck (3/4ths of Infernal Names)
19. Dale J. Gordon – An Analog Silent Night (trippy, short, instrumental arrangement of Silent Night)
20. Bert – New Yearz Hustlaz (a Heavy Holiday song from Lansing sludgesters)
21. Neon Tuesday – Christmas Friends (GTG all stars bring the party)
22. Isaac Vander Schuur – Baby Gets What Baby Wants (Isaac of the Hat Madder surprisingly, coming out of nowhere, to take the title for the comp’s token long, ridiculous song)
23. Foxy Gaga – Born in a Sleigh (Dan Fox of the Cartridge Family continuing his yearly tradition of vulgarly taking on one of the biggest pop hits and anchoring Bermuda Snohawk)

Dig in.

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