And the accolades roll in

Positive word keeps rolling in for the last batch of GTG releases. Small Houses (who are wrapping up a tour in Lafayette, IN tonight) are reeling in some well deserved praise for North, with One Chord to Another stating “The whole album is captivating and extremely highly recommended. Especially if you are into artists like Chris Bathgate and Hezekiah Jones, you have found a new favourite.” Common Folk (of which Small Houses is anything but! ha!) said “North is an album I highly recommend. It’s a quietly captivating album with lovely music and thoughtful lyrics.” The album is a truly great listen, and extremely fitting for the current season – order it here.

Drinking Mercury are no slouches either, with Joe Wawrzyniak of Jersey Beat calling Orcades “Funky and brooding, with a divinely tripped-out retro 60’s dreamy psychedelic experimental vibe to it, this album delivers one hell of a potently moody sonic buzz. Mighty impossible to either resist or dislike. A very groovy blast of an album.” Way cool, man. Drinking Mercury are going to re-emerge from their cave on December 17th to play a show at Mac’s Bar, so mark your calendars for that, and/or order Orcades.

Finally Honah Lee earned some great praise from Readjunk (who haven’t always praised GTG stuff in the past) with this:
Life Won’t Let Me is a pretty damn good rock album from a group that didn’t want to form just another punk band. Instead they opted to rock and or roll. Honah Lee doesn’t really fit into any one of the particular sub genres of the splintered rock scene. Instead, they find a little corner to call their own, plug in their amps and just play some rock and roll. They have fast songs, they have slow songs, they have songs about sex and drugs, they have songs about life pissing you off, and of course, they have songs about girls. What Honah Lee don’t have on Life Won’t Let Me are enough songs. With only nine songs showing up, it can be considered a let down for someone that just wants more songs. I guess they can only rock so hard. If you’re looking to rock, most definitely check out what Life Won’t Let Me has to offer.”
Well said! Keep tabs on Honah Lee at their swanky website and order the damn record.

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