GTG056: “Secret Identities” coming 1/6/12

We’re already kicking off what should be an incredible year of music for the GTG in 2012!

A year ago, a fellow named Sean Bradley, one of the founders and main contributors to LansingMusicTV, approached the GTG crew and others in Lansing about doing a compilation album consisting of Lansing bands covering other Lansing bands past and present. Unbeknownst to Sean, we had discussed a similar idea at one point, so we jumped on the idea and GTG is proudly co-releasing Secret Identities: Lansing Covers Lansing with LansingMusicTV. We’re having a release party for the CD January 6th at Mac’s Bar with live performances by Frank and Earnest, Cavalcade, American Gothic, Small Houses, and Tommy Plural (doing some acoustic guitar thing, to be joined at different points throughout the set by Michael Boyes to do a Drinking Mercury segment and the other Plurals to do an acoustic Plurals segment). In addition to the bands playing at the release party the compilation also features Fields of Industry, Calliope, Narc Out the Reds, The Break-Ups, and a posthumous track by Jason Alarm. The bands covered on the compilation are all over the map, ranging from deserved local legends like Small Brown Bike, The Fix, and The Ones, currently active artists like Flatfoot, Jen Sygit, and Calliope, to defunct and underrated locals like Syscrusher and A Story Told. The whole thing is a celebration of Lansing music past and present, so work your way out of your early-year haze to have a good time at Mac’s on January 6th. The compilation will be available for order at the GTG website next Tuesday, 1/10/2012.

Full tracklist:
01. Drinking Mercury covering Calliope’s, “Did You Get What You Came For?”
02. Fields of Industry covering Cathy Illman’s, “Maximum Level Heartaches”
03. The Break Ups covering A Story Told’s, “Slow Down”
04. Small Houses covering Jen Sygit’s, “Marshall St”
05. Calliope covering Ronnie Hernandez and the Sweet Energy’s, “Dancing in Lansing”
06. Jason Alarm covering Syscrusher’s, “In Extremis”
07. The Plurals covering Flatfoot’s, “The Crawl”
08. Frank and Earnest covering Mystic Shake’s, “Woman Like That”
09. Narc Out the Reds covering The Ones’, “You Haven’t Seen My Love”
10. American Gothic covering The Fix’s, “Signal”
11. Cavalcade covering Small Brown Bike’s, “The Cold”

A stream of the comp is up here.

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