New GTG Catalog site

So I went to the GTG myspace page today to update the catalog listing to reflect the glut (probably not the best word to use, but I like it anyway) of great new releases that have just come out and discovered, that, wow, myspace totally sucks now. I have no idea what they’re trying to do with that website, but all of the previous html coding and formatting I had done were now totally gone and all of the text was in a random jumble. So, I have officially killed the GTG myspace as of today, and have set up a companion site to this page here with a listing of the GTG catalog. There will be a link on the right column next to the GTG and Big Gig logos and links. So, there it is. Check it out! We’re hoping to post some free download links to some of the out-of-print back catalog entries over there (the ones we’re not embarassed of!), so keep an out for that.

I also wanted to just say a quick thanks to everyone who came out to the release shows this weekend. It was definitely a pretty big undertaking to try and coordinate three different releases on the same weekend (something that we’re going to do our best to avoid in the future!) and it was extremley satisfying, gratifying, and humbling for it all to go so well. So, thank you!


One response to “New GTG Catalog site

  1. Myspace does suck now, I found it very user-unfriendly. The various Stargrazer/ITAV pages might follow suit soon… I’m working on a dedicated ITAV website.

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