GTG044 “Bermuda Snowhawk 2010” on Friday!

So there’s two more days of 2010, but that doesn’t mean we’re done releasing new music from the GTG and friends! This Friday, December 31st, 2010 will see the release of the 5th annual Bermuda Snowhawk holiday compilation from BMP & GTG. Yeah, we know, Christmas is over, but how about next year you write and record a bunch of original songs in two weeks and see how fucking close you can get it to come out before Christmas. Plus, it’s a “holiday” compilation, and, seems to me the holiday season is still going on. Shit! I mean, uh, tis the season. Um… anyway, this year’s comp features new seasonal-themed music from The Plurals, The Guest Stars, The Hat Madder, Josh David and the Dream Jeans, middleman, Sleeping Timmy, Foxy-Z, and the return of previous Snowhawk-exclusive artists like Neon Tuesday, Cabin Fever, and Iron Christmas among new contributors like Prank Sand Fearnest and The Need You Nows. Does this sound like this compilation was made by a bunch of GTG / Bermuda Mohawk Productions friends that think their off-the-cuff musial excursions are more entertaining than they probably are? Well, I’m not denying. But it’s not like we’re going to sell these things, so.. yeah! Hard copies will be available at “Glum’s New Year’s Eve Party” in Lansing featuring performances from Cavalcade, Genocya, and The Plurals, and I’m assuming Cale will be putting the bad boy up for download over at . Sorry if I just put you on the spot Cale. AHHHHHH!!


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