GTG 043 / The Plurals “Austin Gump” Now available! And other news…

Click on that big orange “Big Gig” button to the right to download the new EP from The Plurals, “Austin Gump.” This EP features 5 new recordings, with the first three recorded and mixed by Isaac Vander Schuur of The Hat Madder, and the last two recorded and mixed by longtime Plurals friend / associate / “don’t call me a producer” / producer Eric “CrookedSound” Merckling. Most of this was recorded this fall, with the exception of “Exercise in Humility” (The Plurals’ token acoustic song that people may or may not have heard at various house shows or the odd appearance on college radio) which was recorded sometime last year. We think it’s a cool package, and it has a nice preview of the next Plurals album (much of which was recorded earlier this week!) in the closing “Squagel (untutored post-folk version),” which will re-appear in its in-your-face full band glory on the forthcoming spring 2011 (we’re thinking) Plurals full-length album. You can download the album right now (in a limited time promo reduced price of $3) with downloads available in crappy compressed mp3s and full-blown CD audio quality. Thanks Scott! More on Scott in a second. But, please, come on out to the official release party at Mac’s Bar on Saturday (December 4) night (The Plurals / Oh My God / Life Size Ghost) as we will have a very limited run of cassette copies of the new EP, along with a tasty GTG surprise.

You’re probably wondering what this whole “Big Gig Productions” thing is. Well, Big Gig is run by Scott Bozack, a native of Lansing (90s Lansing music fans may recall him as the drummer of the excellent Orange) who now runs a production company and digital distributor thing in Conneticut AKA Big Gig. Scott is a longtime friend and associate (and the gentleman who turned the knobs on many of their excellent recordings) of Isaac and Chris from The Hat Madder and Narc Out the Reds, respectively, and when they came into the GTG orbit Scott naturally was sucked in as well. He and I met up over the summer and launched the plan to create a Big Gig / GTG music store which will offer high quality downloads of the GTG catalog in addition to some of his own projects. As of right now the GTG releases on the site are the aforementioned “Austin Gump” EP and the Hat Madder and Narc Out the Reds releases, but in the next few weeks we’ll have the whole current catalog posted, as well as some of those neat releases that are out-of-print, like The Break-Ups records. Very cool stuff!

Don’t forget that GTGs 041 and 042 come out tomorrow night (December 3) at the KISS / Devo Tribute and Release Show. Be there!

Finally, GTG039 “Trieste” by Stargrazer has already earned a positive review here calliing it a “compelling narrative that left me feeling electric.” Thanks to Oh Drat for that review!


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