GTG023, Jason Alarm “Engage” is coming this Friday, May 29th! We’re having a show at the Sun Theater in Grand Ledge, and The Plurals and Cheap Girls will also be playing. We’re really excited about this CD and we hope everyone digs it. Admission to the show is $8 and that includes a copy of the CD.

In other news, a supergroup has been formed. The GTG supergroup is known as Damn Yankees Part Deuce, and we played our first show at Magdalena’s Tea House last Thursday. It included 9 person renditions of Plurals and Knights Without songs, a My Apology reunion, new songs, and only one absolute trainwreck. Very nice! Anyone who’s ever been in a GTG band at any point is automatically a member, so who knows will be there next time? We certainly don’t!

The Plurals played a show in Bay City Friday night with Feel Good Violence and the Sinners. The venue wasn’t that great (why do sound guys like to put microphones on every instrument and then bump the kick drum to the top of the mix and put effects randomly on everything… do they think it sounds good, or are they just bored?) but we had a lot of fun. It was just what I needed, to let loose playing these songs that I love so much and transcend the world around me. Not that things are shitty or anything, but the feeling of being inside those songs is always better than being anywhere else. I’m really excited to do the same again this Friday for the Jason Alarm show. Sometimes, it seems like every show is my first show. Well, first shows usually kind of suck, but… fourth show or something.

Our good friends in the bands Guest Stars and Frank and Earnest are playing a free show together at Basement 414 this Thursday. Check it out!

Is there anywhere else I should tell you to be? Why don’t you tell me!

One response to “Engage!

  1. Hattie Plural

    Actually, I just found out that Frank and Earnest will be playing the NEXT Thursday, June 5th, not tomorrow night with The Guest Stars.

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