Not my bag

So I’m here at Scavenger Hunt checking in some new inventory, and a friend pops in with some dude-bro in shin-length plaid shorts and a fake-vintage Red Stripe shirt. I’m always happy to see the friend I prefer not to name right now since he’s a person that likes to go to shows and be part of the scene. As usual, we chatted about upcoming shows including Jason Alarm’s CD release this Friday and the TCF/Plurals/Johnny Unicorn show at B414 this Tuesday. Dude-bro was curious. “Who’s playing where?” he asked. I told him “Jason Alarm, Cheap Girls and The Plurals at the Sun Theater this Friday.” He seemed to present a sense of acknowledgment about these bands, though I don’t recognize him from any shows. “Oh cool, I don’t like The Plurals, though,” he said. I wasn’t really offended by the dude-bro, and for a moment, thought he might have been kidding around, but he was not. His friend gave him a nervous look, but said nothing. I was kind of grinning. He looked at us and eventually picked up on the fact that he said something wrong. “What? I don’t” he said again. “Oh, that’s cool, whatever” I said non-nonchalantly and they continued to pace around the store. After he paced around the store a bit more with his BlackBerry not buying anything for a awhile, and with him in such close proximity, couldn’t stop myself from asking “So what don’t you like about The Plurals?” Winking at the friend in the know, I knew I was putting him on the spot, but I was too curious to hear his reaction. “Oh, um… they’re just not my bag, you know…” he said. “Anything specifically?” I asked. “They’re just not my bag, ya know… I don’t know. Sorry… I saw them at the Scene place and they had to restart their songs a bunch of times… I don’t know. Sorry. They’re just not my thang.” CRINGE. He couldn’t remember any specifics about the show, or about The Plurals. I don’t even know if he figured out that I was the drummer of The Plurals, though I’m sure some one informed him once they left. My response was pretty much “Oh, okay man, that’s cool. I just wish you knew what you didn’t like about them.” The whole thing didn’t really bother me as much as it entertained me. Would some one please tell me what he means by “bag” though?

Whatever. Come to the Sun Theater Friday!!

-Hattie Plural

3 responses to “Not my bag

  1. I remember that show. It was your CD release show. You had to restart Plurality like 5 times, one because you threw one of your sticks. It was epic.

  2. I believe the “bag” he is referring to is his scrotum. Happy to help. -Nicholas

  3. Hattie Plural

    Oh, I see! Thanks Nicholas!!

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