Out in the sunshine the sun is mine

Thanks to everyone who come out last night. It was probably the best time we’ve ever had playing a show at Mac’s Bar. Take that as you will. Lots of familiar faces, old faces, new faces, small faces… yeah. Special thanks to Mike and D from fucking Almost Argyle who drove up from Elgin, IL to catch the show. Coolest guys ever – http://www.myspace.com/almostargyle. My parents and Nich’s parents made it out too, which is a bit of a rare occurence. I’m always glad to see them… I hope they enjoy themselves. I understand watching your son flail onstage and scream “crumble at the feet of the starving elite” might be a bit uncomfortable, but… it’s not like I wasn’t doing something similar and lamer 9 years ago.

Sorry I didn’t make it to the after-party at the Owl House… I ended up, uh… unable to drive, at my house.
We’re about to go on tour, and, boy, I’m feeling good about it.


One response to “Out in the sunshine the sun is mine

  1. No worries, we watched Cool Runnings. Dan and Sam drank tequila (with the the worms) by the fishbowl. We made silly buttons out of pictures from magazines. Nothing you wouldn’t see there if you wandered over on any given weekend night.

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