We (A Paschal Circus) Have Got An Idea That Might Be Fun For All Of Us To Do.

But First, every good blog post deserves an excellent picture, so here is “Anton and Spider”, two men you don’t fuck with:
Anton and Spider


We just wrote a song for a compilation record “The Cedar Rock Basement Program”. We had to tab out every single chord for the song so that other people all around michigan could learn how to play it in order to contribute to the track.
It gave us an idea; We’d like to learn some GTG songs, in some sort of a song swap! Pretty much we will all tab out our songs, post the tabs here, and then listen to what other people make of them!

Because this is our idea, we’ll start it off. We Expect High Turnout! This is great “Blog” content!

Our Song Contribution is “It Was Barren And Then It Died”. The tabs and song audio are posted over on our blog, The Eureka Flag. We’d love to hear what you guys can do with it! Maybe It’s Too Hard For You Suckas!

12 responses to “WE HAVE GOT AN IDEA (SONG SWAP 2/24)

  1. That’s an excelllent idea!! Let’s do it! Any one else want to do it with me?

  2. this is a brilliant idea. i actually thought of how cool it would be to put out a compilation of each band doing another bands song. i couldn’t do any plurals song because well 2/3 are the plurals are in my band, which would make it pointless. but awesome idea! i’m game.

  3. i was totally thinking how awesome that would be a little while ago. if there was a compilation where we just did each others songs. no i am totally for that.

  4. that was timmy not the GTG. haha.

  5. maybe it’s too hard for us suckas? are you kidding? i probably wrote harder songs than this when i was in 3rd fucking grade! I’ll write a song so hard to play it’ll make you feel like a weak stupid baby at music, you weak stupid babies.


    and then your going to cry and probably you are going have
    to apologize and be nice to us again forever


  7. Hey y’all…check out THE AUTHORLESS PROJECT for some spin on this idea, I’ll be posting all that kinda shtuff soon…but I seem to have mislaid the login info for this blog. Someone want to txt or e-mail it to me?

    Justin Abram has already re-recorded one of the Stargrazer songs, with numerous lyrical tweaks and swaps, not to mention a bit of re-arrangement.



  8. Oh man, I totally want to get Cavalcade involved with this. On the other hand, I’d be embarrassed to tab out my parts and reveal what a hack I really am as far as shortcuts/tricks re: tuning and stealing bizarre chord ideas from people who play right-handed guitars left-handed and the like. lol

  9. Not to mention totally hidden behind effects, 3-D glasses, and that sucker you always have in your mouth. Ahhhh I kid, I like you Cale. You’re a good guy.

  10. P.S. I see there is March house show for Cartidge Family in March in GR. I would love to attend, because I need my TCF fix. It’s been since the X-Mas Party.

  11. So… when are we going to start?

  12. Haha, just noticed your comments Timmy. I think we covered them elsewhere, but just wanted to let you know I wasn’t ignoring them. I sent your shirt out today so expect that soon! I didn’t get an e-mail update on this conversation til Hattie’s comment. On that note, I’m game for this if you guys end up doing it. Any of my various projects you’d be willing to have.

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