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I am sitting here at school next to a giant display of a family sitting around a television. The display looks like a window looking to a house, or so I think, the display is painted like bricks. Anyways, the entire family have televisions for heads. It’s pretty rad actually. I’ve been hiding out on the 3rd floor lately between classes. There is this girl that I’ve become sort of friends with that is really kind of getting on my nerves. She knows I hang on the second floor between classes, so she comes to talk to me. So I’ve decided to start hanging out on the 3rd floor. It’s not that I don’t like the girl. She is a nice girl. Its just she talks a lot, and when I say a lot I mean just simply saying a lot is an understatement. I have her in my painting class and she talks my head off there. I know this is really mean, but when its between classes on Mondays and Wednesdays I really like to put on my headphones and just listen to some music. There are a handful of places I can actually dissect and listen to albums so I can truly form an opinion. And between classes are one of those times. So this girl has life full of drama, and I do truly feel bad for her, but honestly the friendship was formed by me simply asking a yes or no question and suddenly she felt compelled to tell me her life story. Am I an asshole? Probably. I barely tell her anything about me so why would she be compelled to me everything? I don’t understand girls. She keeps telling me too that she has to meet my girlfriend so she can “approve” of her. What the hell? Approve? I’ve known her less than 5 months. She was suppose to be my future roommate along with this other girl, but I decided that before I got to know her. Once I decided to live with her, since she seemed nice, I decided I should probably get to know her. Anyways, I dodged her today by hiding on the 3rd floor, she found me, talked my ear off. I started to act like I was paying bills online and she left. Awesome huh? 

So tomorrow is the last day before I go all organic for lent. I have been forcing myself to eat bad lately. I had Burger King the other day, yesterday I ate a 5 dollar pizza, I have been drinking a lot of pop too. Tommy, Hattie and Loren are going vegan, I think along with some BMP guys. I would like to do that but I enjoy meat too much to give it up. So I decided to go organic. I made a few rules with it. Everytime I am around those that go Vegan I will eat Vegan along with them. Anytime I go to eat somewhere and they have a vegan selection I will choose from that. Other than that, it has to be simply organic. I am decided whether to drink organic milk or soy milk. I am really starving now too, at school they have these chicken flourentines that are amazing. So I have to get my fill of those today, I’ll probably have my last vanilla latte from there too. 

I was thinking the other day while going to work, I was comparing different musicians to members of the GTG. When thinking of Loren, I thought of Pat Smear right away. I could see the Plurals make it big and Loren would just show up and play with them every once in a while. Same thing with The Break-Ups, I couldn’t imagine touring without Loren for some reason. Weird? I don’t know. Tommy, as far as musically would be a cross between Dave Grohl and Jack White. Because like those two, Tommy seems to find himself everywhere. I thought of the Jack White scenario simply because he is involved heavily in two bands, The Plurals and The Break-Ups just as Jack is involved in The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. But its the same thing with Hattie, I would call Hattie our Dave Grohl too. She is everywhere. I don’t know. Someone should reply to this and give me their opinion. Yeah, do that.  Who would you compare each member of the GTG too? Now.

12 responses to “Yada Yada

  1. Loren Pudvay- Twiggy
    Timmy Rodriguez- Cedric the Entertainer.
    Nick Richard- Any of those guys from Queer Eye.
    Jeremy Q.- Han Solo
    Jason Alarm- The Goonies
    Hattie Danby- Susan B. Anthony
    Frankie- The girl from the doritos commercial back in 98′.
    Peter Richards- Tom York
    Eric M.- Jimi Hendrix
    Zach- Zach Morris
    Pashcal Circus- The Moscow Circus
    Drinking Mercury- Lou Reed, without the acid.

  2. I vote Brett McDowell as “Least Resembles Lionel Richie”

  3. I second that.
    I also vote Tommy McCord, “Most like Lita Ford, but with a penis.”

  4. y’know, I think I’m cool with that.
    Sign off your messages, dick!

  5. Ahhaha… I’m flattered that I’m like Dave Grohl to you Timmy, but I often think of how you remind me of modern Dave Grohl. So think about that.

  6. well thats awesome you think of me that way mcmatty. although i suck at playing drums, so instead ill just say “yeah dude” and scream into a microphone a lot?

    cedric the entertainer? what the hell?

  7. Jason Alarm are the Goonies! Score!

    At our first show, Brandon and I thought that Tommy was a lot like J Mascis, cause he has really long hair and is really good at guitar. Plus he just sorta looks like J kinda.

  8. The Walrus is Paul.

  9. i just noticed that Jason Alarm was compared to The Goonies. Its so true. I would either say that or the Toxic Scavengers are the Lost Boys from Hook.

  10. Nich- Pete Doherty
    Timmy- Johnny Ramone when he’s sober, Liam Gallagher when he’s not.
    Tommy- Steve Albini
    Hattie- a very musical, female version of Holden Caulfield.
    Frankie- Amy Winehouse
    Chris from APC- MC A from the Beastie Boys, or the villain from Ferngully. I’m not sure why.
    Brandon from JA- Taylor Hanson
    Zach- Chris Carrabba
    Jeremy- Daniel Johns
    Brett- TOTALLY Lionel Richie. You don’t see it?
    Jessi- Nicole Richie

  11. dude, I totally remind myself of Hexxus from Ferngully. One of Tim Curry’s finest roles in my opinion.

  12. loren, am i really like johnny ramone sober? liam gallagher is like me when im not sober? i see it.

    frankie as amy winehouse. priceless.

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