Read me May….. But answer the same.

Hey! It’s me, Jeremy Quentin (Head and Toe).
After months of rest and relaxation I have decided to take on the country with a new record entitled, “Read me May,” and SIX MONTHS OF TOURING! The album is in the process of recording in Brooklyn, NY with Canada‘s lead singer and acclaimed songwriter, Joe Scott. After the late spring release of the album, I’ll be taking on a two month tour of the East Coast, on my bicycle. After which, I’ll be returning to the home of my early years in the Great Lake State for a month of touring and festival going, followed by 3 more months of shows in the Midwest, the South, and East Coast.

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Upcoming gigs:
Feb. 25- Luna Cafe…. Cambridge, MA…. w/ John Davey
Feb. 26- Squawk Coffee House…. Cambridge, MA…. w/ John Davey
Feb. 27- House Show….. Cambridge, MA (private)…. w/ John Davey
April 10- GoodBye Blue Monday…. Brooklyn, NY…. w/ Juviley
April 11- The Fire…. Philadelphia, PA…. Early Acoustic Show

3 responses to “Read me May….. But answer the same.

  1. i was just on the phone with my best friend crying for an hour.

    that was the gayest thing i have ever heard. haha. good to see you doing to drake.

  2. I miss Drake Shaft.

    It’s good to hear these things Jeremy! See you soon!

  3. This is awesome. I miss yourself and Joe.

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