My class got cancelled today so I’m spending valuable afternoon time (eye roll) hanging out at work and using the computer to try to book the last couple days of The Plurals tour. I can’t wait to go on tour again. The last couple tours The Plurals did were with other bands (Cartridge Family in the summer and Cheap Girls in the fall) so we’re anxious to get on the road for a solo tour again. Touring with other bands is a lot of fun, particularly in the downtime before and after shows, but it’s a lot harder to make an impression on people when you’re part of a “package” and neither band ends up moving as much merch as they would solo. This tour should be good though. The last few times we’ve gone out for a week+ we’ve done half of it on the east coast and half of it in the midwest, but this time we’re focusing entirely on the east coast. We’ll be making our first appearances in New York City and New England and there’s people in all of the towns that want us to come play. We are, of course, most excited about returning to Trenton, NJ. Our band-brothers The Rape Babies broke up in the fall and 3/4 of them have reformed as Too Much Too Fast Too Soon and I’m so excited to hear the new band and get to see all of our friends. This will be the first time we’ve played out there with the new record out as well, which is exciting to deliver new material to people that want it!

New material… man, we’ve got it in spades. We recorded a show in December that we’re set to put out really soon. We played a lot of old stuff and some unreleased stuff, and the recording (by our old friend and confidant Tony Rodebaugh) sounds awesome. We’re not making a big deal out of this recording, it’s just a fun little document of us playing a strange set for a group of people, and pretty much it’s just going to be one more thing that we’ll have to sell at shows. I know there are a few nostalgic Plurals fans out there that are still into Shark Sandwich and Stickball, so at the very least they should enjoy some new versions of those “classics.”

We’re finishing Whatevers Forever leftovers with Eric Merckling, and we’ll put those out probably in the summer. We have so much material that we’re considering recording some more stuff for these projected EPs, if nothing else than to keep some material fresh. We’re a prolific songwriting band, and since we took our time trying to make Whatevers Forever as good as we could (which I think we did) we racked up almost a whole album’s worth of new songs in the time it took us to put the record out. In Ryan Horky’s year-end 2008 “best of” list (at www.myspace.com/unclesamsrecordemporium) he said about us “Like Husker Du, by the time they drop a new record, they’re already playing the new stuff live and I’m more excited to hear the NEXT record than what I have in my hand”. This is, in some ways, true about how the band feels. There are some nights where we want to just play all of the new stuff, screw the record, and sometimes we do play sets that are 80% unreleased material, which is fun but at the same time we don’t want to neglect the record that we’re really proud of. (As I’m typing this, I realize I haven’t talked about the latest idea with Nich yet, so, Nich, if you read this before I talk to you about it, uh… sorry? Oh yeah, and you owe me $40 for electric/ water, but I was thinking we could just take it out of my share of the heat bill… ttyl brah!). At our last recording session Eric suggested we do two EPs, and spin them as Whatevers Forever companion pieces, be it with an alternate version of an album song or similar artwork or something, and put some of these new songs on them as well. I’ve wanted to record at Broadside Productions in Kalamazoo for a long time now, and if we went in there with some of these new songs that we have tight as a live band, I think we could get some really cool recordings. Then, if we want to do more “produced” versions of these songs we could re-record them with Eric for the next album. I did set a Black Flag circa 1984 goal in my head to try to put 4 things out in 12 months. I think we might.

Uh… a guy named Kevin gave a little review of Whatevers Forever on his blog… Check it out here… it’s about halfway down the page. Thanks Kevin! There should be a couple more of these bloggy/ziney reviews of the record soon.

Cheap Girls are recording some of their record in the GTG House studio. It’s cool having those guys around. They’re doing a lot of cool things these days and I’m happy to be a part of it.

The Break-Ups have a show at State Grounds in Hastings tomorrow (Feb 20) that should be a good time. State Grounds is one of my favorite places to play, and I’ve played it with The Break-Ups probably a dozen times, The Plurals 3 or 4 times, and one of my rare-as-hell solo acoustic sets was there too. I love Bob, the owner. It’s a good place. The show is free, and all ages are welcome. Our good friend, sometimes roommate, and maybe GTG member (I always forget to ask her, although I’ve meant to many times) Jessi Spreitzer opens the show. 

Damn, no replies on my latest round of booking requests yet. Can anyone get The Plurals some shows in up state New York on March 12 and/ or 13?


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