Tommy Says “Relax”

I don’t really think it’s too necessary for me to give my account of Friday night at Oade’s. Hattie and Timmy pretty much said it all already. I do, however, have a couple thoughts on the actions/ people involved in the “incident.”

I’m going to spare everyone with my thoughts on personal etiquette. On the chance that that red-haired troll metal guy (hencefore to be known as “Gimli”) does come across this or hear about how those faggy-non-technical-music-playing-fractory-working kids (inside joke) are venting on the internet, I would merely refer him to a book that I found in my Grandma’s basement when I was 10 years old called “Today’s Guide for Young Moderns” by Gay Head. Mainly just because the author is named Gay Head. But Gimli would probably benefit from simple advice on how to talk to people and interact in public/ social situations.

By and large, I was proud of my friends on Friday night. Todd and the MK Ultra Culkin crew put together a great bill and did something positive for the community. These guys don’t get enough credit for how much they do for the both the Lansing scene and the community in general. They took the reins from the irreplecable Ken Knott to run Rendezvous’ “New Music Mondays” series last year, and probably a good 50% of the great musical moments of 2008 that I experienced were on those shows. The togetherness displayed by everyone involved in the Frankie/ Gimli argument made me smile. We watch each other’s backs… I think if Gimli had realized he was picking a fight with a room full of people that are card carrying Cartridge Family members he would probably have thought twice. Side note: we really should get membership cards for tCF. Of course, depending on the situation it might be cause to immediately get you arrested, but other times it may save your life.

My final point I would like to bring up is the part Timmy referred to about me saying to Gimli “When are you playing? I’ll come check you out.” I sincerely meant that in every regard. I’m kind of used to assholes giving me a hard time at shows for not being “something.” In high school it was not being “hardcore,” and on many isolated occasions after that it’s been not being “metal” or “punk” and even “folk.” In my mind we’re all doing the same thing, it’s just different sides of the coin or the cube or what-have-you. Writing your own songs, putting a performance version of the songs together (be it a band or an arrangement), rehearsing the songs, and performing the songs in public takes a lot of nerve, no matter who you are or what you’re doing. I’m not saying that it stresses me out (the opposite is more true) or that I think we all deserve a prize for doing it, but the truth is that there’s a fundamental seperation between people who do it and people who don’t. Some people simply can’t, other people won’t for whatever reason, but creating music is a unique and incredible part of the human experience. I like something about pretty much every conceivable kind of music. It’s true that I don’t prefer metal or rap or country in most situations, but that’s not to say I think those genres have nothing to offer or that the people who play those kinds of music are somehow less legitimate than I am. Music shouldn’t be a competition. When Gimli decided to start shit on Friday night, I challenged him with the core of what I truly believe. No surprise: he didn’t have a band, couldn’t or wouldn’t play music in public, and probably has a whole lot of self-worth issues that transcend his pathetic “appreciation” for music. These people flood music scenes and sometimes do an incredible job of tainting the experience. But fuck ’em. Generally, these people should be ignored – one conversation never can alter the perceptions and personalities of people – but when I walked by Gimli, Sam, and Frankie on Friday night the situation was beyond ignoring. I’m not advocating fighting or anything, but challenging someone’s argument hopefully, sometimes, can maybe lead to some sort of personal reflection later. And if that doesn’t work, we’ll belittle you to the point where you can’t talk and Chris will take you to the floor. 😀


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  1. I agree. Let’s get TCF cards.

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