1.21 Jigawatts by Timmy-Up

I wanted to use a Back to the Future theme. So sue me.

I have read Hattie’s post and I decided to chime my two cents in on the matter.

I wasn’t there for a lot of it. But I saw enough of it. Basically, the run down of the night.

I went to Lansing, early as usual. Hung out with Tommy while we discussed our hopes and dreams and music. Nich came into the equation at one point. Yada Yada. Tommy and I went and picked up Hattie at Scavenger Hunt and then went and ate an awesome burrito at Chipotle. We hung out for a bit and then ended up loading up and going down to Oades. I always enjoy Oades. I always see MK Ultra Culkin there. Pretty much everytime I’ve seen them is there. They are pretty rad.

Sorry back on the subject. The Break-Ups played a set that, in my mind, is right up there with one of my favorite performances ever. We ended the set, due to request, with “Black Diamond” by KISS. You don’t even have to get me started on KISS and I will spare you all a KISS rants. KISS RULES.

After MK Ultra Culkin, Loren, Tommy and I started loading up the van. Loren was watching the door as I was grabbing stuff and bringing it back out with Tommy. Around the second trip in Tommy disappeared. On one of my trips going in and out, I saw him talking with a big group of people. It didn’t surprise me, Tommy is a well known person amongst the Lansing music scene, so I just figured he met up with someone he hadn’t talked to in a long time. As I walked by him I heard him say “Well let me know when your band is playing man, I’ll come check you out and let you know what I think.” In all honesty, I thought Tommy was networking. Anyway, I finished up a little more loading before Tommy rejoined us. I was walking outside back to the van when I heard Tommy talking about what was happening inside. So, not knowing what was going on, I asked what was up. Tommy informed me that someone told Frankie that she sucked. Thinking that was it of the story, I sort of brushed it off. I thought some drunk douche bag was being a prick and that it was over.

We walked back inside to a chaotic scene. From what I saw, Chris from Narc Out The Reds had the guy who insulted Frankie on the floor and another dude named Digger was being held back. The bartenders were screaming for everyone to leave. Chris was pulled off the guy and Tommy started talking him down. That was about the time Loren started making remarks to the guy, insulted him back. Somehow Tommy started calling the guy an asshole and pointing right at him. Tommy ended up right in his face. Around that time, Hattie started questioning him. Getting right in his face also.

It was at that point where I was thinking “Fuck, I am going to jail tonight.” All these thoughts were going through my head thinking that this guy is going to do something that will result in me fighting with the Good Time Gang. I am not much of a fighter, nor am I confrontational, but I wouldn’t sit back there and not defend my best friends. I still didn’t realize what exactly what was happening, I knew a guy insulted Frankie saying she sucked, I knew who that guy was because I turned around to see Hattie scream “Fuck you!” right at him. Go Hattie.

That was about the time the guy made his exit.

It was utter chaos and it was something that truly disgusted me. I have seen bad bands in my day, I’ve sat through entire metal bills just to see my good friend Zach’s metal band. And I really don’t like metal. But never at one point did I insult any of those musicians for playing. Never once have I said, your band sucks because all you do is play scales up and down and scream. It’s disrespectful and it ruins the entire idea of local community within music.

I truly believe in the idea of the local community. That night was a perfect example of how it should be. The BMP guys came out to support, it was cool. They didn’t come to jeer, they didn’t come to put anyone down, they came simply to support and chant “Black Diamond”. The fact the guy took out his opinion on Frankie is just utterly uncalled for and inappropriate. I will respect the guy’s opinion, you don’t like my band? Ok. I am not trying to please anyone, I am simply doing what I feel and what I feel is my music in the Break-ups. But the fact that he simply told Frankie she sucked and that we sucked pissed me off. (Note: I didn’t learn the whole complete story till later in the night, I kind of wandered off the story.)

I know Frankie is probably tired of hearing of this. I would be too if I were here. But I am glad Frankie is in my band. I consider Frankie a very close friend and she is one of the only handful of people who know me musically. And getting to know me musically is a very personal and spiritual thing. She is my bass player. She is my friend. I feel sorry that she had to put up with that crap. I don’t really show emotion that often, but I love that girl and she is one of the best things that has come into my life. She helped make The Break-Ups what they are today. It wouldn’t be the Break-Ups without her. It’s sad that douche bags like that have to put a damper on such a wonderful night.

But as quickly as that douche bag put a damper on my night, music took him out of my head. What was it that made me forget it? Singing along to “Kokomo” in the GTG living room. Point made.


4 responses to “1.21 Jigawatts by Timmy-Up

  1. 1. I love Hattie. She’s one of the only 4ft-nothing girls I know who would tell a troll to fuck off.

    2. I’m sorry I didn’t stick around to witness this. I don’t condone my husband fighting, but I can’t think of a better reason than defending Frankie’s musical honor. Makes me a little proud (after I got over the 2 a.m. phone call saying “You heard it from me first, I got in an ‘incident’.” sigh.)

    3. What Tommy and Hattie and Timmy said. Fuck ’em.

  2. Ha, Thanks Whitney, and Timmy. Sorry we kept Chris out late. I think he might have a man-crush on Tommy.

  3. your husband is a good man. we’ve talked KISS. he knows his stuff.

  4. You’re the bass player, mother fucker!!!

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