BLog Numb##1

this is my first blog-post, so i hope its good!

I haven’t blogged much but I’m gonna give it a try so I can put in my two cents on the whole affair

I kinda wanna start a fractory band.  Anyone else into this?  I missed the original insult, but as I understand that dude was saying that it was bad that Frankie played fractory music, whatever that is?  Insulting the Break-ups, thereby GTG, thereby me,  I think fractory music hasn’t been given a chance yet.  Timmy, write me some fractory songs, and I’ll write some fractory music that goes with your fractory music, and we’ll give fractory the full fractory possiblilitys fractory. Frankie can fractory’s pretty fractory harmonies!

It’s nice out! T-shirt and a jacket weather! But it ain’t gonna be that nice out for that long!!!!!!!!!


3 responses to “BLog Numb##1

  1. Thanks for the weather update nichplural. now back to you after this short message from our sponsor.

  2. fractory (frak-ta-ree)


    1. Genre that differs from highly complex forest music performed by male trolls and leprechauns.
    2. Talented female.
    3. Comfortably heterosexual male with average-sized penis.
    4. Good, earnest rock music.

    I understand why this guy doesn’t like fractory.

  3. Loren cited the definition of fractory, by the way, and informs Nich that the weather has taken a bullshitty turn for the worse.

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