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Here it is! The perfect distillation of all of our mixed feelings regarding these winter holidays, the – get this, tenth annual edition! – 2015 Bermuda Snohawk. Available for free download from our friends at Bermuda Mohawk Productions as well as a limited-run of physical CDs available in Lansing/ for the first few (un?)lucky folks that ask us for a copy. GTG acts Stargrazer, Sleeping Timmy, The Plurals, Hunky Newcomers, and CrookedSound all appear as well as¬†friends old and new like the Cartridge Family (still alive, who knew??!?), Cavalcade, Geistlos, Bluffing the Ghosts, Ben Pierogi (of Toledo’s Infernal Names), Jonathan Coody (from the great Ninja Gun), Protected Left (BMP all-star MI transplants tearing it up in the Bay Area), Blaine & His Keyboard, Scary Women, and those terrible crusties in Smashing Blumkins, plus the longtime Snohawk-only projects like Neon Tuesday, Cabin Fever, Iron Christmas, and Bruno Fox with some new terrifying additions to Snohawk canon tying it together.

Cale posted some fine thoughts at the download page¬†for the comp, including some insights into why the Snohawk started in the first place (for many of us it’s now just part of the holiday landscape so the “why,” whether the reasons are real or not, isn’t even really part of the conversation at this point) that are definitely worth reading, but here’s an excerpt:

Ten years, and this stupid comp is probably just about the most (if only) constant thing in the lives many of the friends family that keep it going. I know it’s been just about the only in mine.

Well anyway, this is a lot of rambling, I’m aware, but this is the 10th edition, so bear with me. If you take nothing elfs (ha!) from this, here’s the tl;dr points:
1) If you’re a grown up, you should go listen to (semi-defunct Detroit DIY label Suburban Sprawl Music) those SSM comps…they were the (much better executed) inspiration for these all along.
2) The perseverance and momentum built by Bermuda Snohawk owes a great debt to Tommy Plural & GTG…but at this point, supersedes probably anything either of us could control. It’s kind of scary and kind of inspiring, and wholly hilarious.
3) Everyone that’s been involved with these is as much of a family as I’ve ever known. Thank you for coming together all of these years giving us something to grasp onto to keep us all from flinging into some sort of cold and distant orbit. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.

Right back at ya Cale! Happy winter and shit – Tommy Plural & GTG