Bermuda Snohawk 2019!!

Here it is! Holiday cheer and fear from your good friends at GTG and BMP! This year’s addition to the winter madness series sees The Plurals gettin’ sweet and sentimental, Tim Hoh from Honah Lee firmly throwing his hat in the ring as the greatest kids’ music singer of our generation, Drinking Mercury cover Woody Guthrie, Cavalcade parody Nada Surf, The Hunky Newcomers have a confusing party, Jeremy Porte

r and the Tucos get things powerpoppin, The Soods and Harborcoat make their Snohawk debuts, plus solid new entries from Scary Women, Silktail, Singing Lungs, The Ryne Experience and more! 21 songs! Merry merry!


We’re having a release party for this thing this Saturday at the Avenue, come one, come all, be merry, and get a CD!! Cheers!

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