Red Teeth – Light Bender 7″

The great Lansing duo Red Teeth release their first 7-inch via GTG this week! Thursday March 17th at The Avenue Cafe (which also doubles as a tour-homecoming-of-sorts show for The Hat Madder) this four song slab of wax will be available to the public for the first time and it is not to be missed. Light Bender (GTG083) showcases the frantic, angular instrumental skills of the two brothers that compose Red Teeth while cramming in enough fuzzy hooks to not completely melt your mind over the record’s 14 explosive minutes. The record boasts a timeless production sound – care of Funender mastermind Colin Such – with nods to classic hardcore and post-punk that maintains plenty of edge to still not seem like throwback music. This is the real deal! Check out “Light Bender, Sound Bender” below and click here for the release party event info!

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