GTG Bands Make Records!

Everyone’s in the studio in some capacity. I think the next thing to come out will be an LP (well, 13-14 pretty short songs, so an “album” on vinyl if not a “long player”) by the moronic dude-punk band Hunky Newcomers, to be released in conjunction with our best friend label Bermuda Mohawk Productions. Last I knew this album is going to be called “The Secret of the Booze” but don’t get mad at me if they change their minds. This record is recorded and mixed, it still needs to be mastered and I don’t think they’ve thought about the artwork or track order yet, but it should be coming together soon.

Next up on the docket will most likely be either an EP by the Hat Madder that is essentially finished, or maybe an EP thing by Narc Out the Reds. I say “EP thing” because NOTR has a lot of songs that break the 5 minute mark so it might only be 5 really cool demented pop songs and still be longer than 3 full spins of the Hunky Newcomers album.

The Plurals are chipping away at a lot of recordings, but have finished tracks for a split 7-inch with San Pedro awesome punk dudes Black Sparrow Press. This 7-inch will be released by GTG and a couple other labels and will feature 2 songs each by The Plurals and BSP and will be out in the mid-summer to coincide with The Plurals summer tour.

Honah Lee, the New Jersey based harbingers of sincerely boozey party punk rock, have demoed 12 songs for their next full-length album. They’ll be playing a lot locally this spring and summer while they record this album – if the demos are a remote indication this album is going to totally rule. The boys will tour some more this fall to promote the record.

Frank and Earnest are planning on hitting the studio this summer to finally follow up their great Old Francis EP from awhile back. Results from these recordings will, I think, be a “twangier” take on the melodic punk that these goofballs specialize in.

On the other end of the spectrum, the full-length album by the experimental indie-folk project Stargrazer is creeping closer to completion. While there is still no scheduled release, reports from the studio are making it sound like this one will be a very nuanced headphone listen equal parts warm and sinister.

Drinking Mercury is demoing new songs. No real release plan has been discussed, but it’s likely that this will be very much an “in-the-studio” affair with a collaborative songwriting approach. Not that previous songs weren’t collaborative, but early results are sounding “group”-ier than the Orcades album. That you can listen to here. Ahem.

In closing, Not the Bees are good. Check ’em out. Furthermore, if you want to pick up previous releases by GTG, we’s gotsa store.

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