Honah Lee Spring 2013 Tour Dates!

Just as the midwest winter is starting to mild out, it’s already time to get our faces melted.



3/15 @ Clancy’s – Keyser WV
w/ the Meeps, Yellow Dog Union, & Keller Diesel Company

3/16 @ Blind Bob’s – Dayton OH
w/ the Involuntarys, Dead Set Ready, Adventure, & Frank Grimes

3/18 – the Wolfhaus- Chicago IL
w/ Truman & His Trophy,the Morons

3/19 @ the Courthouse – Kalamazoo MI
w/ the Plurals

3/20 GTG NIGHT@ the Avenue – Lansing MI
w/ the Plurals and To Fear the Wolf

3/21 @ the P.A.N. Shop – Detroit MI
w/ Fires In Japan, Hunky Newcomers, Aggro or Die, D-Day

3/22 @ Aldo’s – Altoona PA
w/ Revenge Memorial, X’s For Eyes

3/23 TIM’S BIRTHDAY PARTY @ Mill Hill Basement – Trenton NJ
w/ Molly Rhythm, TV Tramps, Stillborn Identity

That there show on March 20th at the Avenue (formerly Gone Wired Cafe) in Lansing, MI is the first GTG-promoted event happening there, so anyone in the area should go check it out. $5 cover, 3 bands, Michigan craft beers a’plenty (reasonably priced too), and you’re supporting a truly local and independent business. End of pitch.

Honah Lee have a lot of new material that is sounding great. They’ll be hitting the studio later this spring for a new album, so set the stokeage meter at a reasonable level cuz we’re gonna be blowing it up later this year.

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