Let Freedom Ring!

The freedom of independent music that is! Freedom of Choice? Thank you Thomas Jefferson for drafting a plan for a nation in which a bunch of head-in-the-clouds idealists can toil away in basements, crafting sounds that they think are cool, with other people occasionally noticing. We are celebrating this freedom with a gathering on July 9th at basement414 in Lansing, Michigan, a “GTG Fest” of sorts. We weren’t able to get together our ridiculous over-the-top GTG Fest this summer, so we’re doing a relatively more low key GTG celebration that will still feature hours of a wide variety of music, refreshments, and plenty of good times. Shows at basement414 (414 Jay Street, Lansing, MI – the alley behind the Nuthouse/ The Loft, etc) are always all ages and free, however we will be “passing the hat” for the touring bands.

Bands scheduled to perform are:
The Plurals (yeah, them/us/whatever), Local Demise (punk-metal awesome from Trenton, NJ), Lightning Bugs (Grand Rapids noise-pop), Idiot Boy (ex-Karma Bat NJ altpop), Little American Champ (Lansing melodicore), MC Raymond Strife (east coast punk rapper), The Guest Stars (Lansing powerpop), NQD (that guy that used to work at QD on Foster doing some hip-hop), Drinking Mercury (out of hibernation but still sleepy space rockers), Sterratic (Jackson, MI dreamy rock), and The Hunky Newcomers (new hunky Lansing idiot punk).

We’ll be starting the show with a cookout around 4 PM, with music going into the night. Those of you of the Facebook inclination can check out the event page here. All are welcome to attend, and we will also have a big ol’ GTG and friends merch table so people can pick up all sorts of music.

Like these three brand new GTG releases! Which you can also order RIGHT NOW via paypal (and no, you don’t need a paypal account to order).





Life Won’t Let Me by Honah Lee


Can You Believe We Landed on the Moon? by Josh David and the Dream Jeans

Funemployment split 7-inch by Frank and Earnest and The Plurals

The best part of all this is that this is just the beginning for a full July of GTG fun. On July 15th there will be a “GTG Fest After-Party” at GTG House (message gtgrecords at gmail dot com for the address, although pretty much everyone in Lansing knows where it is by now) featuring the return of Michigan’s favorite son (now out in Seattle) Johnny Unicorn, along with Josh David and the Dream Jeans and Cavalcade. This party will be starting around 8:30, and earlier in the night of July 15th Jason Alarm are celebrating Matt Waterman’s birthday at the Loft in Lansing.

GTG052, the new 7-inch single from Narc Out the Reds will be coming into the world on July 21st at Mac’s Bar, with a performance featuring NOTR, Hat Madder, Frank and Earnest, and the Fencemen. After this Narc Out the Reds and The Hat Madder are hitting the road for some east coast dates.

There’s also rumblings of a “late-July GTG Fest” at basement414, so all of this may not even be all. August will feature Jason Alarm, The Plurals, Frank and Earnest and Drinking Mercury all hitting the road in some capacity. Holy moley!

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