A Jumpin’ June Jamboree

Save these dates!

6/17/2011 – Honah Lee CD release party w/ The Plurals @ Asbury Lanes (Asbury Park, NJ)
6/18/2011 – The Plurals, Tim Hoh, Glocca Morra, The Great Explainer, Chris Pinto @ Mill Hill Basement/ Big Dave’s Birthday Bash (Trenton, NJ)
6/24/2011 – Josh David and the Dream Jeans CD release + Frank and Earnest/ Plurals 7″ release party wsg/ The Hat Madder, Infernal Names, Destroy Nate Allen @ Mac’s Bar (Lansing, MI)
6/25/2011 – Skate Park Benefit featuring Frank and Earnest, Jason Alarm, the Cartridge Family, and many more @ Myja’s Grey Wolf Inn (Grand Ledge, MI)

We’ve got great GTG activity for the month of June, with The Plurals jetting to the east coast for Honah Lee’s official CD release for their stellar new Life Won’t Let Me album on June 17th at Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. I’m extremely excited to personally attend this release show, as Jersey has always treated GTG well and having Honah Lee among our ranks is just plain awesome.

The Plurals and Frank and Earnest have a split 7″ dropping on June 24th (the same night as… well, stay tuned), and both bands are really excited to enter the vinyl game. Both sides of this split were recorded really fast (the weekend The Plurals got home from the long west coast tour earlier this year) and there’s a sense of urgency to both sides. Dropping the needle on a GTG release feels pretty cool – and we’ll get to do it again next month as Narc Out the Reds are dropping a 7″ single in July.

Finally, June 24th is also the long-awaited release for the debut full-length from Josh David and the Dream Jeans. Aside from a couple compilation cuts and a small-run handmade demo, this is the first release from a great band that we’re happy to have among our ranks. The album Can You Believe We Landed on the Moon? stands as a great snapshot of midwest, and Lansing in particular, punk-alt-something in the second decade of this century. There are clear influence reference points – Black Flag, Misfits, early Sub Pop releases, etc – but JDDJ put a rather unique spin on hardcore punk with their start-at-100%-and-keep-pushing instrumental approach and Josh David’s nutjob-squawk vocals. The release was one big GTG family collaboration, with yours truly recording and mixing the record, Shawn Semen (ex-MK Ultra Culkin) mastering, album art by Ashley Anderson (of Drinking Mercury artwork and various GTG web design fame), and Peter Richards (Stargrazer, ITAV Records, etc) providing the layout. Come on out to Mac’s Bar on June 24th to celebrate this release, along with Frank and Earnest, Destroy Nate Allen, The Hat Madder, and Infernal Names. That Frank and Earnest/ Plurals 7″ should be hanging out too.

The rest of the summer looks just as sweet, with Narc Out the Reds dropping their 7″ on July 21, a posthumous CD release from defunct Lansing noisemakers Edible Intention, and, finally, Drinking Mercury’s full-length album coming in the late summer. Excellent.


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