Plurals Tour Highlights Part 2

3/30 – Jet lagged, loopy Plurals played at Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs, CO, beginning our week-long love affair in Colorado. Lots of cool locals and Damian is a cool promoter. Crashed hard afterwards.
3/31 – Worked away on “The Metaphorical Steven” (more info forthcoming). Hung out with friends old and new, went up to Boulder, CO to play an open stage night at The Catacombs Bar. Great bar, cool open mic, weird but nice town.
4/1 – Super fun show at Pourhouse in Loveland, CO. We ended up essentially running sound for the first band, the excellent all female indie quintet The MurderARR, and then unleashing a rockin’ set on the composed clientele. Very positive reception, evidently too loud for some, but we did very well. We partied with the MurderARRs and new friends at a really cool pad (hot tub included) in Loveland.
4/2 – Went to our obligatory Waffle House between Loveland and Denver. Hopefully that will fill the quota. Got a last minute show at an awesome club in Denver called The Rockaway Tavern. The bar staff was awesome and (most of) the people hanging out were really cool. The band scheduled to close the night tried to sneak onstage and take our slot – we had to get the manager to tell them they were supposed to close the show. These total fucking lame asses actually LEFT THE SHOW and didn’t play. We played an adrenaline-infused set and laughed our asses off when we realized these lamewads (who were all in their late 30s at least) couldn’t cut playing at midnight on a Saturday.
4/3 – Fun show at a wicked dive bar in Denver called The Lion’s Lair. Denver County Death March opened the show, and their singer Garth helped us score a gig for the following night. Our set was really fun, probably our best of the Colorado dates, with the awesome Nate King Band following us. This wasted guy named Ben closed out the show with a barely coherent solo acoustic-punk set that ended with him sitting on the bar. Super rad bartender Michelle put us on a show the following night at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver (giving us a 3 night stand in this fair mountain town).
4/4 – Hung out in the mountains by Sedalia, CO with Dave, one of our gracious hosts and now-artwork-contributor. Mindblowing scenery. That’s the best way to put it in a few words. Our pick-up show at 3 Kings Tavern was awesome – we were opening for a burlesque show (Ooh La La Burlesque to be exact) and thus performed our set in our underwear. Ooh La la was totally fun, and a kick ass jazz combo that I didn’t catch the name of closed out the night.
4/5 – Day off. Feels weird, but nice.

Thank you so much to Dave Dunn and Mark Kole for putting us up for a solid week in Colorado. Thanks to Dave and Katie Thompson for hanging out and being such great friends.


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