Plurals Tour Highlights Part 1

I’ll post something comprehensive for sure, but here’s a quick round-up of highlights of The Plurals 2011 tour so far:
3/24 – had to get our tire rim welded before we left, and consequently pulled up to Firehouse Pizza in Normal IL right as we were supposed to be setting up; the set went well. Fantastic venue. Great sets by Off With Their Heads and Fake Boys.
3/25 – the whacky ancient GPS we were using sent us through 100 miles of run-down small towns in Missouri. Our show had gotten moved to a garage (“Detto’s Barn”) in Liberty, MO, with a small but great crowd. Locals Meat Mist, Sealegs, and Regretter were great.
3/26 – Detto’s dad treated us to Cracker Barrel in the morning. Played at a great club in Omaha, NE called The Slowdown – local band Millions of Boys was excellent.
3/27 – Drove down to St. Louis (oh, these crazy tour routes) and nearly lost our minds. Met up with Michigan friends at one of said friend’s sister’s house. Learned to Flabongo. More info forthcoming.
3/28 – Magical day at the St. Louis zoo. Played at a neat little club called Cicero’s with a cool band from Austin called Mobley. After the show we went to the bar Blueberry Hill, which is way more interesting than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
3/29 – Played a loose but fun set at a great bar in Lawrence, KS called the Replay Lounge, with a great local band called Vegetable. Ended up driving through the night after an interesting evening with some locals. Crashed in the van at some rest area for awhile.
3/30 – I’m in Denver. That John Denver guy was not full of shit.

Colorado Springs tonight!


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