Too much time to think?

I was sitting around the other day. Just strumming my acoustic on the backporch of my house. I was thinking of the upcoming GTG vs. BMP softball game. Then I thought to myself, how to we establish the GTG? I get the question “What is GTG?” I always smile because a lot of people know that there is a “GTG” but no one knows what it stands for. GTG stands for “Good Time Gang”. But thats just letters. GTG to me means more than just three letters. Its a group of people or musicians that are brought together out of one thing in their lives they love the most. Which is music. I know that is my number 1 passion. It surpasses anything else. Nothing makes me feel more connected to my soul than playing music. But how does one explain that to someone who asks what the GTG is? It’s a record label. It’s a community. It’s got its own super band. It’s a friendship. 

So this is where I differ from a lot of other people except for maybe Tommy when I start to think. I was thinking about The History of the GTG. And I was thinking of it in a novel context. I started thinking of certain chapters. Because if you think of it, the GTG’s history is divided up into chapters. Well at least it is in my eyes. This may seem odd to you, but to me, as someone who likes to have the vast GTG musical catalogue archived on my computer, this is totally normal. So I give you my outline of the The History of The GTG.

1. The Beginning

2. Rock Cherry Pie – The Plurals are formed

3. One Hand Inside – My Apology, The First Release and Apologized and Pluralized 2005.

4. Feelin’ So High – Magdalina’s Teahouse, The Stopgap EP and the formation of The Break-Ups

5. I Promise I Will Call – Head and Toe’s I-80, Professer Nanners and Blush Noisette

6. Cuz I Hate Metallica – GTG Meets BMP, The Plurals join up with Crooked Sound, Situations at Hand Vol. 1

7. IIIayyeee Don’t Believe in Love – The Rise and Fall of The Knights Without, Let The Air In EP

8. What Do You Feel Right Now? – Skulls and Stuff, City of Leaves and Whatevers Forever

9. GTG Fest

10. Take You Home With Me – Too Much Too Fast Too Soon, Jessi Spreitzer, Really Cinematic, Ori

11. GTG Fest II

5 responses to “Too much time to think?

  1. this timmy?

    i heard through the grapevine that one of the guys from Tahquamenon Falls was drunk at the bar the other night talking about the name GoodTimeGang… “yeah… it’s just not really how the world is, i mean, it’s just too optimistic, unreal for me.” like our name is indicative of all of our music.

    thought it was funny.

    propose we change it to Shit Time Fuck

  2. The BMP+GTG thing started as early as June 2005… it just took 2 and a half years to finally come together.

    “Good Time Gang” isn’t really optimistic to me. It means “we’re doing everything we can to have a good time because the world fucking sucks.” If we were the hippie optimistic dumb fucks that people that don’t know us sometimes assume we are, we’d call the label Sunshine or Dream Tree or Earthwork or something.

    Ori deserves his own chapter.

  3. I didn’t forget the inclusion of Stargrazer. He’d be Chapter 10 because I believe his inclusion happened then.

  4. Shit Time Fuck!!
    I totally agree Tommy.

  5. Auggie Fanboy

    lol…Earthwork…What a silly name. ;^j

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