Good Times.

Last night I performed my third ever solo acoustic act. It was one that I prepared for about two weeks for. I put together my own set list. And practiced the songs a lot. I was very pleased with myself last night. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to do that. 

Last night was also a very intimate night. The Good Time Gang was alive and well last night. Crooked Sound, Stargrazer, Jessi Spreitzer and myself all performed on the bill last night. I forgot the name of the person, but the girl who opened the show was awesome and did a sweet rendition of “What’s Up?” by the 4 Non Blondes. I hadn’t listened to that song in forever so it was great to hear it. Strong voice too. I wish I could remember her name. I’d like to see if she has a music page.

Anyways, Stargrazer performed after her. I’ve listened to a lot of Peter’s tracks online. They are quarky and weird and different and I think that’s why I am so attracted to them. Peter is somewhat I have slowly started to get to know through the scene and I really look forward to this next album. I am really looking forward to the show next thursday at the GTG house with Narc Out The Reds. Anyways, I find Peter a great addition to the Good Time Gang and to the scene. More shows Peter!

Jessi played next. Now, I love Jessi Spreitzers music. I think she has a wonderful voice and a good feel for melody. Since the first time I heard her music sitting in my apartment I was instantly a fan. “He Says Dont Worry” will always be my favorite song. She played a great set last night with the help of Loren Pudvay on guitar for two songs. They finally pulled off the Beatles cover. Not bad ay? I love that Loren Pudvay. Jessi is also a great addition to the Good Time Gang, she was actually the only person that passed the “GTG Initiation”. She was actually the only person ever to receive it. Poor girl. Jessi has brought a lot of life into my life with her music.

Next was Crooked Sound. Now first, I want to say that his child Amico, was probably one of my favorite things about the show last night. While Eric was playing, he was dangling upside down in his moms arms watching his dad play. I was laughing a lot during his set. Anyways, its always good to see Eric play. He played a nice intimate set. I firmly believe Eric needs to play a lot more shows. I will start the rally. I really wish he was playing GTG Fest. But as long as I start seeing him play more around, I’ll be pleased. 

I played last and it was a good set that I felt went alright. I played “To Wendy”, which was an old song I wrote for my girlfriend that the Break-ups performed a few times, once going straight into our KISS cover of “Black Diamond”. Then I played two new Break-ups songs “The Sea Song” and “One Night”. I also played a song called “Loving Sappy” that was written by Zach Burger and me in our project called Abbey Divine. After that I played a KISS cover “See You Tonite”, which was one of Gene Simmons best songs ever. After that I played a toned down version of “The Bodyguard”, which I stole from a performance that Loren and I did at Jeremys goodbye party. During my set though, Amico was making noises and it added a lot of cool ambience to my set. He was making me smile. Eric said he was a fan of me. Well, I’m a fan of Amico. My mom took a liking to him because he said it reminded her of me as a baby. I overheard a conversation my parents had with Eric where my mom told him that and then Eric, in his usual deadpan humor goes “Yeah, and look at him now.” 

After the show, after most everyone left. Eric, Peter, Loren, Jessi and I stood around in a circle just chatting about music and a thought came into my head. Good Time Gang is more than just an independent record label, we are friends, we are a family.

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