Timmy here

Hey everyone. I’m playing a solo set tonight representing The Break-Ups with fellow GTG comrades Stargrazer, Jessi Spreitzer, and Crooked Sound at the Record Lounge. Its free. Starts at 7. You should all come out. 

This is like my third ever solo acoustic set. Im pretty excited. 

The Plurals are on tour right now. So I expect Tommy to post a tour journal sometime soon, as he always does. 

Trying to think of other GTG related news?

Stargrazer is recording an album with Crooked Sound currently. 

The Break-Ups are almost done with their half of the GTG Sessions split with Head and Toe. They soon have plans to record an EP this summer with all new material. 

The Plurals are recording/going to record/recorded. They always are at work.

GTG Fest plans are coming along. We are looking to make it a little more organized this year, much more official. Its gonna be a great time with a lot of great music. July 11! Be there.

I bit my lip. It hurts.

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