Why hello to you all from Too Much Too Fast Too Soon

Well this is our first time on this thing, so here goes…

Some cool shit on the horizon:

1. As of Saturday, April 11, 2009, we’re going into the studio to cut our very first record…again…for the third fucking time :/  As a congregation, or shall I say congre-gay-shun, of like minded folk with good taste and equal scruples, if there are any suggestions to a name for this thing, we’d be all ears.  We’re thinking Fresh and Tight with a scared looking young, impressionable female on the cover.  We already have Dana on board, so any suggestions better be good!

2.Might we say that we’re very excited to come and rock with the goodtimegang and constituents and whatnot.  We’ll hopefully be hitting Chicago the night before, and playing this lil ol festival yall are doing.  Never had a bad time in Ionia…corndogs, mmmmmm…

3. Really looking forward to meeting the new guys, well new to us, such as Jesse Speitzer, A Paschal Circus, Really Cinematic (although I think there’s a couple of farmiliar faces),  and Jason Alarm.  Hope to see you all real soon.  Hopefully The Plurals will come out once more before we get to you all.


4 responses to “Why hello to you all from Too Much Too Fast Too Soon

  1. right, well, we’re looking forward to meeting you too!

  2. Man… “Fresh and Tight” is pretty good… it’s good to know that, despite TMTFTS being “friendlier” than “The Rape Babies,” I will probably never be able to show my parents one of your records.

  3. “FRESH AND TIGHT” I like it.

    Can’t wait to see you all!!

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