Post from Division and Fountain

I am sitting here at school once again. I am in the midst of getting a cold I think. Fucking stress from school and work is really getting to me. Just like two more weeks, I can’t wait. But these two more weeks are going to be hell. Major stressful hell. I have so many projects to do plus a stupid group project and paper for my Natural Science class. By the way and I will go on record here and say it, my Nat. Science Prof is a fucking douche bag. That’s all I am going to say about that. 

I find myself getting depressed if I don’t go to Lansing a lot. I haven’t been there in well over a month and a half. I just have been so busy that I have had no time for musical projects lately. I’ve never been this busy. It’s like every day I wake up, go to class, go to work, come home work on projects, sleep. Wake up. Repeat. It’s tedious and exhausting. I’ve been in piss poor moods lately because of it. I got a little refresher the other day when I went and saw Genocya, Cavalcade and A Paschal Circus at the Corner Bar in Kalamazoo. It was great because I was around Lansing people, so it was sorta like I was there. 

Anyways, this weekend I will be going out to Lansing for 3 days, Thursday through Saturday. It will be wonderful. There is a Plurals show on Friday and a Cartridge Family show on Saturday. Nothing like a Plurals set and a Cartridge Family set. Also, I am hoping that the Break-Ups could possibly do something productive as far as maybe starting GTG Sessions or demoing some songs. I’m itching to do something musical and I had planned for about two months to make this weekend the Drinking Mercury recording weekend, but like every other time it fell through. It’s alright though, I’m used to it. But I have to do something productive this weekend or I might probably die. Fall flat on my face and die from musical starvation. I’ve been so busy that Zach and I, who are in a project called Abbey Divine, can’t even get together to hang out and jam. It’s hardcore. Two more years of this shit than I am out to Lansing. The GTG House has a ever-evolving roommate situation so I know I’ll be good. Otherwise I’ll just do the Loren and sleep on the couch until a room opens up. 

I urge everyone to take part in the GTG Swap. So far its awesome and The Break-Ups are covering one of Head and Toes songs from their EP “Let The Air In”. That is my personal favorite batch of recordings that Head and Toe released and it’s probably my favorite Line-up/era.

On the note of covering songs, I have to decided to assemble a KISS Tribute CD. It’s something I have wanted to do for a while. Tommy is going to help me with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that I don’t know, which is a lot. It will be sort of a debut release for the KISS cover band that will hopefully take shape soon involving Ryan Horky and Heavy Metal Brad called The Struttin Deuces. Anyways, I’ve asked The Plurals to take part in it. If I am going to be a part of it, so will The Break-Ups and Abbey Divine. I’d like most GTG bands to take part in it (aka I’d love to here a Quentin KISS Cover). I invite anyone who thinks they could do a good cover to contact me via myspace or facebook. I’d like some BMP bands involved so I’ll have to talk to Cale (Cale, if you are reading this I’ve been meaning to talk to you about this for some time being). 

Well class is going to start. And I’m starving. Hello Chicken Flourentine and painting class.

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