OK Jeremy, gotta lyrics question… (Song Swap)

I wanted this to be a surprise, but I am working on this song and there’s a syllable or two that I can’t seem to tease out of the three recorded versions I have, can you let me know how close I am?

Cul-de-sac with neighbors’ eyes
And a land line
In case there is a call

It’d be the first sense
Be the first sense
Be the first sense

There’s a river in the park
Of (blankets?) and broken cars
There are

It’d be the first sense
Be the first sense
Be the first sense

Oh, hi everyone! This is my first post. I’m going to be recording for a full-length CD with Eric Merckling (who did the last Plurals record) in a couple weeks. There will be more on that as we get rolling.

– Peter

6 responses to “OK Jeremy, gotta lyrics question… (Song Swap)

  1. Ha! NICE TRY.. Very close.
    I don’t know how to spell Caldisack. I’m talking about those little roundabouts in the suburbs, where all the homes form a circle at the end of a street.

    Caldisack, with neighbor’s eyes
    and a land line, in case there is a call.

    It’d be the first since,
    the first since,
    the first since.

    There is a river and a park,
    a bank and some broken cars,
    there are.

    This is sort of a nice little description of Flint. I knew someone who had an abortion, and I tried writing from his perspective.
    -J. Quentin

  2. The correct spelling is “Cul-de-sac”. -courtesy APC OED.

  3. Good looking out.
    -J. Quentin

  4. Thanks Jeremy! Yeah, so close, yet so far… amazing how inflection can totally alter the meanings (“since” vs. “sense”). Now I think I finally “get” it, before I was thinking sort of a birth metaphor, like what your first sense might be. Now I’m feeling more like the disconnected ache your friend must have felt, waiting for a call that may or may not come and would be painful either way.

    I’m planning to sing it about an octave lower, record it on acoustic bass (with Tommy when he has time?), take it home and add some electric drones to it. I really like the immediate sound of the EP version.

    I have about half the music worked out.

  5. Yeah… When I wrote that tune, I was thinking the short simplicity of the lyrics we’re what it made effective. It only describes someone waiting for a call, and the setting outside the window. The title is what lets you know it is a hard time. “The Abortion.”

  6. That is my favorite ‘City of Leaves’ song, so I’m really excited to hear what you’ll do with it Peter!!

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