Just checking in…

Hey everyone,

I thought I’d just check in and let everyone know what’s up. It’s 3:30 A.M. and a cloudy night, here in the greater islands of Boston, MA. The fog hung so heavy today,  I could barely see my neighbor’s yard, thus I decided a bicycle ride around my island and the neighboring sanitation plant was not the best idea. Instead, I got back to work on this summer’s bicycle tour. The dates are really starting to come together. Check out Myspace.com/quentinsong for the tentative schedule. I’m also in the works of launching the official J. Quentin website which will feature the upcoming release, “Read me May,” for free download.

Don’t forget that I will be in Michigan in a couple of weeks.

April 16th- Scene Metrospace (East Lansing, MI)
April 17th- Albion Coffee House (Albion, MI)
April 18th- Short’s Brewery (Bellaire, MI)

I hope everyone is well back home. I miss you all dearly.
-J. Quentin

Oh yeah,,,, Jeremy Cassar is getting married. Awesome.
I’m covering a GTG song, for the song swap.

2 responses to “Just checking in…

  1. Hattie Plural

    Jeremy’s getting married?! Cool, we met her in NY, she seemed really cool.

    I’m listening to “City of Leaves” at work, along with “Oh Baby! Kick the Dead Horse.”

    We miss you too. Thanks for taking care of us in Boston!

  2. Boy, I hope you work for Rock-A-Fella Records. Jay-Z needs you to crank my shit.

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