Alright, since suggesting the thing is never enough for you people, we here at A.P.C.H.Q. have decided to allow you to have the cake AND eat it before diving into the water yourself,  to mix a metaphor.

SO, we give you our version of “I Figured” off of The Plurals debut, Professor Nanners. Still our favorite record of last year, and the year before that. Maybe even the year before that.

What else do we have to do in order to get this ball rollin’, because we are ready to do what it takes. We will roll up our sleeves and donate our Casios, Epiphones, Rogues and Peaveys for this project.

Well, maybe not the Peaveys.


11 responses to “SONG SWAP; SUCCESS!

  1. Holy shit! That is so fucking amazing!!!
    Expect a Plurals/ Tommy version of your song this week. I’ve been neglecting the blog I frickin started, I realize, and that is a shame. No more! All day, every day, GTG Blog!!

    And in response to one of your earlier blogs, the first album I owned was “Pocket Full of Kryptonite” by Spin Doctors. I think it shows in everything I’ve ever done.

  2. Just so ya’ll know, I’ve been listening to the song. Before i realized that you had already posted a recording of it, i spent a good half hour trying to just figure it out from the tab/make a song from the tab. progress was derailed, but we’ll see if we can blow this shit back out of the water. progress!

  3. jesus christ, my dreams have been answered.

  4. jeez. you guys are hilarious. what an idea.
    I’ll start cooking something up tomorrow. Can you guess which song I’m going to cover?
    -J. Quentin

  5. Thanks guys, that’s nice. Spin Doctors, eh?

    Anyways that was fun to cover, and this is supposed to be fun, I’m sure. I don’t think MY dreams were answered, but I’m pretty sure we did all this while we were awake.

    Y’all go on over and salute THE FLAG as we’ve put up The Huggable Bear We Met On The T.V. Memorial Archive.

    It’s at least as good as that sounds.

  6. Jeremy, whatever song you cover, I just hope you do it from memory because the way you remember lyrics is always jaw droppingly awesome.

  7. Hattie Plural

    YES!! It’s AMAZING and I LOVE IT!! I like it waaaaay better than how we did it in fact! Thanks so much A Paschal Circus! We’ll be moving faster on this project now. That was fucking motivational.

  8. Jeremy, you’re mine.

  9. HAHA! Timmy! I already started covering you.
    Maybe, I’ll do two covers. One from memory, and one trying to understand what timmy is really saying.
    -J. Quentin

  10. i just have to record vocals for you.

  11. Wooow. That was so gloriously unhinged. I think I’m going to try something off of “City oF Leaves.”

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