2014 – So Far

This is what we’ve done so far in 2014:

Released two new pieces of vinyl: The Hunky Newcomers proper debut LP Secret of the Booze and the latest in the long saga of music by The Plurals in the form of a split 7-inch with our California brothers Black Sparrow Press.


Had four bands tour the US: Hunky Newcomers, The Plurals, The Hat Madder, and Honah Lee. We were able to spread the GTG word in nearly every part of the country, save the Pacific Northwest… which we’ll be coming back to as soon as possible!

Released 7 new music videos: One each by The Plurals (“How About the Weather”) and The Hunky Newcomers (“Time to Die”) and a whopping 5 by Honah Lee, who have been building up excitement for their due-out-later-this-year LP by releasing a song a month via music video.

Coming up: The Hat Madder will be doing some east coast dates in June, The Hunky Newcomers will be out for a couple weeks in late June and early July, Frank and Earnest just did the final mix session for their new CD, Honah Lee and The Plurals are both separately putting the finishing touches on new albums to be released later this year, and we’ll be working with some new people very, very soon. Can you feel it?

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