GTG068: “Bermuda Snohawk 2013” Now available!


We had a terrible ice storm in mid-Michigan this year, for anyone who doesn’t live in the midwest or was smart enough to stay inside and not talk to anyone or get online for the last week. As a result, the annual “holiday” nonsense release from Bemuda Mohawk and GTG was delayed and some tracks didn’t get finished. But we got it out now! 19 tracks ranging from sincerity to depravity, much of which was recorded under the influence of various kinds of whiskey. New music from The Plurals, Frank and Earnest, CrookedSound, Hunky Newcomers, middleman, Sleeping Timmy and close GTG friends like Cavalcade, the Chortys (feat. members of City Mouse and Rumspringer), Bluffing the Ghosts, etc etc as well as the debut from MI/CA sultry transcontinental chillers Moist Things, Toledo scum rockers Holloway Flasher, bummed out folker guy Mitch Murphy and the Doves, heart of gold Chicago punks Pink Eyes, as well as the return of Snohawk legends Foxy Cyrus, Cabin Fever, and Neon Tuesday, and more! Listen, download, share, enjoy. Hard copies will be available at various BMP/ GTG parties over the next week or two in Lansing. E-mail us at gtgrecords at gmail dot com if you want a copy and live out of state. Finally, a jam to ring in the new year.

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