Out Now! Narc Out the Reds “Have Just Enough to Cover Up” EP

We’ve got it in the store now!

Narc Out the Reds “Have Just Enough to Cover Up” CD (GTG067)
The third release from these Lansing favorites continues the streak of paranoia-infused “prog pop” with a greater emphasis on the “progressive” this time around. Over the course of these five songs the influence points pivot from New Wave of British Heavy Metal riffs to Cure-ish atmospherics to vocal melodies that would do Freddie Mercury proud with a foray into beat poetry (!?) along the way. Instead of being disjointed, however, this is clearly the work of a band with a vision and the whole thing plays well as a continuous suite. Crisply recorded and mixed by our own Isaac Vander Schuur and mastered by knob fiddler extraordinaire Glenn Brown, we highly recommend you cover up with this EP for the winter. $5

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