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Hey! We have a youtube channel. Here’s some recent stuff:

That’s all stuff by Plurals and Hat Madder folks, two bands that have no shows scheduled for a few months. But you can see these people this month:

11/8/13 – Not the Bees @ Roxy & Dukes (Dunnellen, NJ) w/ The Cryptkeeper Five
11/9/13 – Hunky Newcomers @ Mac’s Bar (Lansing, MI) w/ Antiseen
11/13/13 – Narc Out the Reds @ The Avenue Cafe (Lansing, MI)
EP RELEASE SHOW w/ Calliope, the Playback, Nick Merz
11/14/13 – Narc Out the Reds @ Rubbles (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
11/15/13 – Narc Out the Reds @ Johnny’s Suicide Garage (Petoskey, MI)
11/16/13 – Frank and Earnest @ Mac’s Bar/ Punks vs Pokes (Lansing, MI) w/ Flatfoot
11/16/13 – Not the Bees @ Ding Dong Lounge (NYC)
11/23/13 – Frank and Earnest @ Mac’s Bar (Lansing, MI) w/ Failures Union, Cheap Girls
11/23/13 – Not the Bees @ Warehouse Motor Club (Middlesex, NJ)
11/27/13 – Tommy Plural & Ben Hassenger @ Crunchy’s (East Lansing, MI)
11/27/13 – Honah Lee @ Mill Hill Basement (Trenton, NJ) w/ Molly Rhythm
11/29/13 – Cat Midway @ Flint Local 432 (Flint, MI) w/ Jeremy RR

Also, check in on the City Mouse tour dates they have posted. Besides being our good friends and stuff, the California soulful pop-punk trio boasts our own Nich Plural on bass for this tour.

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