GTG Fest 2013

GTG Fest 2013 is this weekend! Whoa!

Friday October 11, 2013
The Avenue Cafe
Doors at 7 PM / $5

The Hat Madder
Frank and Earnest
Narc Out the Reds
The Jackpine Snag
Terror Terror Oh My
The Chirps
Drinking Mercury
Noxon Wenzel
Hit Society

Saturday October 12, 2013
The Mystery Garage
Doors at 4 PM / $3-5

The Plurals
Devil’s Cut
Hunky Newcomers
Spit For Athena
City Mouse
Jake Simmons
Elliot Street Lunatic
Jonny Janis (Little American Champ

E-mail gtgrecords at gmail dot com for more info!

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