It’s Fine.


artwork by Peter Richards.

New GTG Records compilation It’s Fine. just released! This comp features 14 new songs by bands with upcoming releases on GTG Records, and also serves as the GTG debut for Cat Midway, Molly Rhythm, and Black Sparrow Press, all old friends and colleagues of the GTG that we are very excited to be working with in an “official” capacity. A lot of these songs are early and alternate versions of songs that are exclusively available on this comp, and they’re pretty neat.  You can download the comp for a pay-what-you-want optional fee, with all proceeds going to help get these damn records out sooner! We’ve got a Cat Midway LP, a Molly Rhthym CD, a Plurals/ Black Sparrow Press split 7-inch, and a Hunky Newcomers LP all pretty much ready to go! Hopefully this comp tides you over… and convinces you to, y’know, get ‘em.

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