Quick Hello!

Just a brief blurb of bodacious brevity here. The Plurals have been on tour for a few weeks, playing some great shows in the midwest, northwest, and west coast. I write from Riverside, CA in the home of the wonderful band City Mouse with whom The Plurals have shared the stage these last 8 or 9 or so days. Tour gets hazy and time gets relative in a manner that’s hard to describe; it’s hard for me to imagine what life was like before we were traveling the country with City Mouse, rocking cities from Seattle to Reno to Oakland to everywhere in between, Klamauth AKA ” Bud Light,” Oregon included. I had no real goal for this post, merely just an update to say that The Plurals are doing great, City Mouse rules, and we love our friends very much. We had the pleasure to hang out with old friends like Johnny Unicorn, Naomi Smith, Dave and Katie Thompson (and Dave and Mark and Jen and Nick and… Denver!), Brett McDowell, “Destroy” Nate Allen, Marty Hill, and Danielle Bailey and make a crazy amount of new friends like the Salamanders, TCW, Bird’s Mile Home, Smokejumper, the Lolligaggers, Josh and the Reno crew and… so many people. No slights intended, this tour has been amazing. I’ll have an over the top comprehensive thing ready at the end of all this for people to spend way too long reading. A warm California dusk is approaching, food is cooking, beers are being drank… I depart for now.



One response to “Quick Hello!

  1. Thanks for coming to Portland. It was great to see you guys! Let’s rock something this summer!

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