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February! 2012!

Honah Lee are revving up the touring engine after taking the last couple months off (for the most part) due to, uh, medical reasons. They’re playing a couple local dates at John and Peter’s in New Hope, PA on February 11th (that’s tonight!) and the Mill Hill Basement in Trenton, NJ on February 18th, before hitting the road on February 23rd on a jaunt that will take them to Wilmington, Richmond, Cleveland, Hamilton (OH), Chicago, Grand Rapids (MI), and Lansing.

Back in the midwest, Drinking Mercury will be returning to the stage of  Mulligan’s Pub in Grand Rapids, MI on February 11th (hey, that’s tonight!) along with Lucky Shoreline and Trinket (1O PM, 21+ and free! Tonight!).

The Hat Madder is playing at Mac’s Bar (Lansing, MI) on February 17th as part of the release party for the new Cheap Girls album “Giant Orange.” In addition to The Hat Madder and Cheap Girls, the dashing and heartfelt local band Little American Champ will be opening up the show. It’s all ages, starting at 7 PM on a Friday, so darn near everyone in the area should be able to check it out. The Hat Madder is prepping their next album for a late spring release. Yes!

A week later our very own Frank and Earnest will be hitting the stage of Mac’s Bar, supporting the February 24th stop of the infectious-as-all-get-out tour by The Queers and The Ataris. Again, it’s all ages, doors at 6:30, on a Friday, and will be boasting high energy shout-alongs for the whole night, so check it out. This same evening of the 24th of February, over the treacherous 1-27 city line into the badlands of East Lansing, Drinking Mercury will be taking the stage at (SCENE) Metrospace for those looking for a, perhaps more reserved, but maybe not, all ages show starting around 9 PM. Also playing will be Sabertooth Fiancee and Basement Shark Attack, a pair of newer locals with an affinity for intimidating animal names crossed with seeming non-sequitors. Drinking Mercury will be debuting a few new tunes at this show before disappearing from the live show stage for the spring, so everyone should do their best to randomly jump back and forth from (SCENE) to Mac’s in hopes of catching everything awesome.

The Plurals are doing some sort of house show in Ann Arbor, MI on February 25th. We’re kicking it into high gear in March with a March 1st show with Honah Lee (see above) at Mulligan’s in Grand Rapids, followed by a six week midwest, northwest, and west coast tour starting on March 15th (announced dates listed here). I’ll ramble about that a lot soon, get ready. Since I don’t always get these things out on the 1st of the month, I should also mention that Josh David and the Dream Jeans will be playing their farewell show before going on indefinite hiatus, also with Honah Lee, at GTG House in Lansing on March 2nd. Needless to say, the show will be awesome, and will probably also need a rambling blog post to accompany it.

That’s all for now.


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