How about that It Takes A Village To Make Records, eh?

If you haven’t been staying tuned to our friends at It Takes A Village to Make Records and their monthly 3-Way Split Singles club, you’re missing out on some great music. Well, now you can get caught up, as today is the release of volume three of the singles club, which features our very own Narc Out the Reds and Hat Madder, as well as our old friends and fellow mischief makers The Playback. For this single, members of all three bands collaborated in one marathon session to bring three exclusive brand new songs to the masses. Download it for $3, stream it for free, support the cause, check out the other singles, etc here. The future releases in this singles series are very promising, with The Plurals and Frank and Earnest (sheesh, these guys just don’t know when to shut up do they?) both scheduled to make appearances very soon alongside many other cool bands.

PS: Those of you in Lansing best be gettin’ your dancing shoes on for GTG Fest Part 2 at GTG House tonight, with the one and only Johnny Unicorn making his first local appearance in almost a year.

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